Higashi-Funabashi : Sardine-centric izakaya named Funakko

Appearance, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi) Chiba
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Attracting building having picture of sardines.

As for sardines, I remember grilled whole dried sardines above all. Sashimi, and oiled sardines in bottles. That’s all. I didn’t know another way of cooking.

There is an izakaya that specializes in sardines dishes in Chiba.
This wall create an atmosphere of port town 🙂

Appearance, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Appetizer and my drink.

Chopstick and otoshi, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Sardines yukkhoe (いわしのユッケ, 580 yen)
Sardine version of yukkhoe, Korean cuisine.
Its sardines didn’t have much fat, so it was just good with sesami oil and yolk of quail’s egg.

Sardine yukhoe, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Sardines namerou (いわしのなめろう, 580 yen). Minced sardines.With plum vinegar and ginger.

Sardine namerou, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Raw seaweed yakko (生のりやっこ, 580 yen). This was the first time to eat “raw” seaweed. I can’t forget its texture.

Raw seaweed, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Deep fried sardine (Sardine croquette, いわしコロッケ, 780 yen)
Curry flavored potatos in it. Truthfully speaking, it was heavy for me. Potatos…
My stomach felt bloated with the potatos 😛

Sardine croquette, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Deep fried asari clam.(Asari clam fry, あさりのフライ, 680 yen)
This izakaya don’t serve only sardines dishes. And those were good, too.

Deep fried asari clam, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Chlorophthalmus borealis karaage (Deep fried chlorophthalmus borealis, メヒカリの唐揚げ, 630 yen)

Deep fried Chlorophthalmus borealis, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Deep fried oyster (Oyster fry, カキフライ, 630 yen)

Deep fried Oysters, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)

Oh, we ate much deep fried foods 😛
I forgot to take the picture, but we also ate soft roe tempura.

Sardines sangayaki (いわしのさんが焼き, 700 yen).Roasting sardines namero.

Sardine sangayaki, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Sardine mentai (いわし明太, 680 yen) (680 yen). Roasting sardins with mentaiko. I am no enemy to mentaiko 😀

Sardine and mentaiko, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Beef tendon with ponzu (牛すじぽん酢, 700 yen). Well, this they should serve only seafoods dishes… it was not good at all.

Beef tendon with ponzu, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


Minced sardines balls soup (いわしのつみれ, 580 yen)
Minced juicy sardines in wakame seaweed soup.

sardine soup, Funakko (Higashi-Funabashi)


This day’s best was sardines yukke 😀
Why I am glad to have been born in Chiba is that I can eat such a flesh fishes with easily.

About Funakko (ふなっ子)

Address / 1-37-12 Higashi-Funabashi, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Station / Higashi-Funabashi station (JR)
Open / 17:00 – 23:00
Closed / Mondays



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