Daiwazushi (大和寿司) in Toyosu Market


Speaking of sushi in Tsukiji former Market, Daiwazushi was one of the most popular sushi shop as well as Sushidai. There used to be so much people in front of the shop early in the morning on weekdays.
When I ate at Daiwazushi for the first time, I was impressed by the tastes. But I hate waiting so long. So, I visited there only for 2 times.

But the Daiwazushi in Toyosu Market now don’t have much guests early in the morning on weekdays, even on Saturdays.
The reason is its location. They are located vegetables market building.
So I visited the shop the other day. The time was 7:20 a.m. on Monday.
Only 30% of seats in the shop were occupied.

Where is Daiwazushi ?

Eateries are divided into three areas in Toyosu Market.
The largest area is 3F of Suisan Nakaoroshi Uriba (Wholesales of seafood) bldg. It have Sushidai. The second largest area is 3F of Kanri (Management) bldg. It have much sushi shops.
Those two areas are easy to find for people who visit there for the first time.
But Daiwazushi is located on the ground floor of Seika (Vegetables and fruits) bldg.
You have to go downstairs on the way to Seika bldg. You never enter into the Seika bldg if you want to go to Daiwazushi. Go downstairs besides the elevator. Elevator is slow…

There’re only three shops. Tenfusa, Fujimiya and Daiwazushi.

I think tourists can’t get to there smoothly.

I was surprised that some people think Toyosu market don’t have Daiwazushi because they don’t know the existence of this area in Seika bldg.

But I think people will be aware of the location soon. So, I think now is the best time all the same !
I posted about how to get to Seika bldg the other day.

Toyosu Market : Restaurants floor of Seika building and Kanri building
Toyosu Market was launched on October 11st. I already visited for several times. Toyosu Market have many delicious foods...


Daiwazushi have two rooms.  So, it’s large. There are over 10 people working in the shop.
There is a kitchen at the back of the shop. “コ”-shaped counter table surround chefs.

I remember Daiwazushi had most historic and market atmosphere in Tsukiji former Market. So the atmosphere has changed a lot.

Omakase set

Omakase (Chef’s choice) Set cost 4400 yen (tax included) and have 7 pieces of sushi, sushi roll, tamagoyaki and soup.
I couldn’t find the menu inside and outside of the shop. So, I knew the price when I paid at the cashier after eating.

Basically, Daiwazushi serve sushi so fast.
Especially there were many vacant seats that time and the chef made sushi only for me. So, my sushi was served so rapidly.

I was seated and got tea. And I picked up my camera. Then I found tuna was already served :p

Younger chef comparatively serve slower. So if you want to eat slowly, I recommend you are seated in front of younger chef when there’re some vacant seats. But eldest chef at the door is top chef. His skill is great. And the fastest.

Their sushi was tasty as usual.
Especially this first sushi, tuna was delicious.

The shrimp was sweet and had sticky texture.

The sea urchin was so sweet. I remember when I visited Daiwazushi for the first time (When the price of omakase set was 3000 yen…), I was so impressed by the sea urchin…


Squid was crisp.

Tuna next to the sea urchin is differ from the one above photo. It was more fatty. I think it’s O-toro.

Greater Amberjack (Kanpachi).It was thick.The chef said to me that this Amberjack and squid is awesome that day. I agreed.

Last, I had sushi roll. To tell the truth, it was served at first :p Tuna and salmon roe.

Last. Miso soup had shijimi clam.

I felt the price is expensive a bit because it have only 7 pieces of sushi.
But each sushi had large slice of fishes and the amount of rice is good.
So, I felt full at last.

I visited there after decade absence. I found it was delicious all the same.
I’ll visit again there when they don’t have line.

About the restaurant

Name in English / Daiwazushi
Name in Japanese / 大和寿司
Open / 5:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Closed / market’s holidays (White is business days))

Credit card / Unavailable
Reservation / Unavailable
English menu / Available


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