[Hakodate] Fresh seafood at Uomaru (居酒屋 魚丸)

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I visited Uomaru (居酒屋 魚丸) close to JR Hakodate station to eat living squid (katsuika). I didn’t know about the restaurant at all but a local man who met Hakodate port recommended Uomaru.

They have simple and cozy atmosphere having counter seats, tables, and semi-private room.

I was seated in front of the chef. Because it was the best season of sea ​​squirt, they highly recommended sea ​​squirt, too.

Menu is shown in front of the building, so you can confirm the menu before entering. Though their name is “Uo(魚) maru”, they have yakitori, too.

Today’s menu. They have a variety of seasonal seafood.

Their draft beer is Sapporo Classic. The otoshi was octopus with miso (nuta). It was served at first. I ate it and I was sure that their foods are delicious. I was highly expected.

Sapporo Classic (生ビール) 500 yen

Of course, I visited there for that. Katsuika sashimi. Those legs still moved. It was transparent. And it had crunchy texture. Needless to say, it’s awesome. Also its innards were good. Tuna was served together. It was fatty and good.

Katsuika sashimi (活いか刺し) 1700 yen

They serve katsuika with its eyes. I had no idea and asked the lady. She said to me, “Eat it as it is. But the center of eyes are firm, so don’t eat.” Actually it was firm. And it tasted like squids ink. The lady also said, “it’s not delicious. But it’s good experience to eat :p”

By the way, they cook squids legs after a while. As sashimi, grill, tempura can be chosen.

My squids leg became tempura 🙂 Its outside is crisp and inside is crunchy. It was seasoned well, so it’s good to eat as it is and also good to eat it with soy sauce with ginger.

I added Japanese sake while eating tempura. Chitosezuru is Japanese sake produced in Sapporo.

Chitosezuru (千歳鶴)

I also ordered Kansai-style chawanmushi. It was seasoned well. It go with Japanese sake well. By the way, its name have Kansai-style. I heard Kansai-style chawanmushi have rotus root. Actually, it have rotus root, too. And another, it have shrimps and another ingredients.

Chawanmushi (関西風茶わん蒸し) 550 yen

I wanted to eat whelk (tsubugai). I already ordered katsuika. So, I ordered cooked whelk. Fried whelk with garlic butter. It’s good. It had crunchy texture.

Fried whelk with garlic butter (つぶ貝のガーリックバター炒め) 650 yen

Though I ate only 3 dishes and otoshi, everything was great and I wanted to visit there again next time, too


Name Uomaru (居酒屋 魚丸)
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