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Changed jounre – [Funabashi] Avocado curry and avocado pizza at TODDYS (トディーズ)


I heard that there is a tasty avocado dining bar restaurant close to Funabashi station.
Nevertheless I love avocado and visit Funabashi so frequently, I didn’t know even its existence !
I also heard that the restaurant has moved from Daijingu-shita station, next to Funabashi.

The restaurant’s name is Avocad Dining bar TODDYS

Going upstairs, then such a lively entrance welcomed me 🙂
The neighborhood is music bar.

Inside the restaurant is clean and cute.
Is that avocado color ?

The shop is not large restaurant. So, almost all seats were occupied when we visit there.

It is renovated, but the building is too old all the same.
Person walking around makes the ground sway… 😛

We visited there at lunchtime, and they don’t prepare much lunch menus.
Pizza, Curry and Hamburger only.

We ordered curry and pizza. Of course, we shared them. Every lunch sets have one drink and salad.
His ginger drink. They are proud of their original ginger drinks. So, he ordered it. (+200 yen).
It was sour and tasty. But it was too large.

My drink was … coke. My delight Anytime with coke :p And potato salad.

Our lunch took quite time to be served. The kitchen is not large and only one or two person cook.

We were really excited with its appearance !
Steamed chicken, blue cheese and avocado pizza (蒸し鶏とブルーチーズのアボカドPIZZA セット, 980 yen) is green.The pizza dough is green. It also have avocado. The dough was thin and crisp.
At first, I was very worry about blue cheese. I had never seen blue cheese on pizza dough. But there was no problem.
It was delicious. Blue cheese, avocado, ketchup, chicken and the dough… everything made awesome tastes !

Steamed chicken, blue cheese and avocado pizza (蒸し鶏とブルーチーズのアボカドPIZZA セット) 980 yen

But I think blue cheese is strong. So, the flavor of avocado was less. So if you want to enjoy a lot of avocado flavor, you might be dissatisfied with it.

Avocado green curry (アボカドグリーンカレー セット, 980 yen) was yellow green curry. And it was very spicy. But the avocado added it to more creamy taste. And eggplant, shrimp, tomato, paprika. I like this so colorful curry 😉

Avocado green curry (アボカドグリーンカレー セット) 980 yen

At night, they are open as dining bar and serve many kinds of foods. You can use it as bar. I want to visit at night, too 🙂


Name TODDYS (トディーズ)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available
Credit card Unavailable

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  1. annika says:

    Oh that pizza is very tasty looking! I would love to try that.

  2. Mitzie Mee says:

    What a fun place! Do all the dishes have avocado? Not that I would mind, -I love avocado:):)

    • Ryoko says:

      Spaghetti, pizza, risotto, salad, hamburger, curry, creme brulee,,, there are many dishes that have avocado At dinner time !
      But half of the dishes don’t have avocado. So, we can enjoy dinner with friends who aren’t interested in avocado 🙂

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