matsumoto /松本

NAGANO (Suzaka etc)

[Matsumoto] Nihachi soba at Nomugi (御そば打処 野麦)

Because the soba restaurant where I intended to have lunch was temporarily closed, I visited Nomugi (御そば打処 野麦) instead....
NAGANO (Suzaka etc)

[Matsumoto] Pudding and coffee at Coffee Marumo (珈琲まるも)

Matsumoto have many cozy cafes and many people visit Matsumoto to enjoy those cafes. I also enjoyed cafe there. Coffee ...
NAGANO (Suzaka etc)

[Matsumoto] Seasonal sweets at Kaiundo Shofuan (開運堂 松風庵)

I wanted to have sweet things in the warm room after I visited former Kaichi School, so I visited Kaiundo Shofuan (開運堂 ...
NAGANO (Suzaka etc)

[Matsumoto] Sanzokuyaki at Matsumoto Karaage Center (松本からあげセンター)

I decided to eat Sanzokuyaki at Matsumoto Karaage Center (松本からあげセンター) before leaving Matsumoto. They are karaage restau...
NAGANO (Suzaka etc)

[Matsumoto] Breakfast at Coffee Bigaku Abe (珈琲美学アベ)

I had breakfast at Coffee Bigaku Abe (珈琲美学アベ) when I had one-night trip in Matsumoto. I had wanted to visit there for a...
NAGANO (Suzaka etc)

[Matsumoto] Miso ramen at Mensho Sakura (麺匠 佐蔵)

I searched for some good ramen shop in Matsumoto, and I thought miso ramen is the best choice on such a cold night. So,...
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