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[Taipei] Deep fried chicken at 好吃炸雞 in Nanjichang night Market


Nanjichang Night Market (南機場夜市) is my best night market in Taipei now. Almost all visitors are local people and they don’t understand both English and Japanese. But I love this atmosphere. Speaking of Nanjichan night market, Shan Nay Chicken (山内雞肉飯) is so popular and I visited this market for that this time, too. But unexpectedly it was temporarily closed. (This photo was taken a few years ago)

But anyway, I wanted to eat chicken So, I went toward an alley having stalls. 好吃炸雞 is a small stall and they serve deep fried foods. They don’t have any chairs and tables. So, I moved to in front of Family Mart after I bought to eat. I think this is the best position to eat with relax.

Menus. They are so popular, so sometimest they have a line. Their deep fried chicken (雞排) is so popular, but more, they have mushrooms, eryngi, squid, squid ball, green bean (common bean), rice cake with pork blood (豬血糕), German sausage and so on. 龍珠 is a beak of squid.

The deep fried chicken was freshly cooked ! I ate it in front of Family Mart. So large ! Its outside was crisp and inside was juicy. It’s a never ending chicken :p It’s spicy a bit.
Cold deep fried chicken is mostly not tasty. But their chicken was enough good after it got cold. It was still juicy. It didn’t have much bones. Just some.

deep fried chicken (雞排) 50TWD

This is my best Taiwanese deep fried chicken now. I agree that Taiwanese gather this market because there’re many yummy foods like this.


Name 好吃炸雞
Open Afternoon through midnight
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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