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[Kyoto] Kyoto Curry Seisakusho Karil (京都カレー製作所カリル)


I had solo dinner at Kyoto Curry Seisakusho Karil (京都カレー製作所カリル) when I visited Kyoto. Seisakusho means factory. Spices in bottle could be seen from the outside is like medicines. Yes. They are “Factory” 🙂 There’s smell of spice outside !

They have counter seats only. The interval of each seats is rather wide. The house was filled with smell of spice ! I got to there in time for the opening time (5 p.m.), so, there was no guest yet.

They have started their business in 2015. The menu say “Two specialists create Original spice curry”. There’s calm atmosphere and two chefs cook in silent.

Achar and pickles are on the each tables.


They give us a glass of water at first. And then we pour water into our glass from second helping.

Kariru have regular menus. And another, they prepare special curry of month. It was Lamb meat and keema that time. I wanted to eat it, but I also wanted to eat regular chicken curry (spicy), so I ordered “Aigake”. Aigake is “Two curries on one plate”. Lamb keema curry was 900 yen. And Chicken curry is 800 yen. Aigake (Both is regular curry) cost 1000 yen. But I chose special curry of month. SO, it cost 1100 yen.

Rice is at the center. And Lamb keema curry and chicken curry was dished up.

Aigake curry (あいがけカレー) 1100 yen

This is chicken curry. It’s like soup curry. It’s quite spicy. I need much rice 🙂 The ingredients are simple. Potato and chicken, only.

Chicken curry

This is lamb meat and keema curry that is monthly special. It had coriander, cream, pink pepper and so on. COlorful and complex ! Somehow it tasted lightly sweet, though it’s spicy.
I like eating it like soup, not with rice. So, I eat rice with chicken curry. And I eat lamb meat and keema curry as soup.

Lamb meat and keema curry (Special of month)


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