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[Kyoto] % ARABICA Kyoto in Fujii Daimaru


I dropped in at ARABICA Kyoto(% ΔRΔBICΔ) on the ground floor of Fujii Daimaru department store in Kawaramachi area.

ARABICA Kyoto is managed by %Arabica Coffee Roaster & Farm that was founded in 2012 by a Japanese in Hong Kong. I heard they are at the center of attention now. Now there’re only three branches in Kyoto only in Japan.

Branch in Higashiyama and Arashiyama is more popular than Fujii Daimaru branch because of the excellent location. I saw Higashiyama branch was overflow with lots of people.

Of course, Fujii Daimaru branch had much people, too. It was hard to find vacant seats. It’s like a framework of plastic greenhouse.

When I got to there, at first, I followed the waiting line. There were about 10 people waiting to order. Though there was few vacant seats, I thought I didn’t need to keep my seats because it might take much time to order and get my drink. It’s good decision.

The interval of each seats is narrow and the seats are firm and not comfortable. Because of this or another reason, people don’t stay longer.

“%” logo is here and there. Cute. The reason of their popularity is, of course, the high quality of coffee, but also their instagrammable interior and items having logo.

They sell merchandises for coffee having their logo. It’s good for coffee beans in it.

After I finished to order, I waited my coffee ready at there. When there are lots of people waiting, we must wait quite times, so we’d better wait on seats for a while.

This is menu. Menu is prepared on the cashier table. Coffee could be choosen from Arabica Blend and Single Origin (Straight coffee). Single Origin is 50 more yen than Arabica Blend.
In addition to coffee, they serve lemonade and so on. Both “Fore here” and “To go” is available.

They have had central kitchen in Takao of Kyoto since 2016 and they have started to sell baguette. Prosciutto di San Daniele and Brie cheese is sandwiched with bread made of domestic wheat. It is 600 yen. It is in stock only Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. They don’t prepare much. Limited.

Also they sell coffee beans. They had Ethiopia Mocha Harar (Single origin) that time.

My cafe latte needed about 10 minutes to be ready. Because of only 50 yen difference in price between short and tall, I ordered tall one 🙂 The bitterness of espresso was light and it was smooth. But it had rich tastes. Though I always need sugar when I have coffee, this cafe latte don’t need sugar. It had mild sweetness of milk.

cafe latte (Arabica Blend / tall ) 500 yen

Cup have “%”, too 🙂

I think the atmosphere of Higashiyama branch and Arashiyama branch is far better than this Fujii Daimaru branch. But Fujii Daimaru branch have more seats and it is located in such a convenient area. So, it’s good to have a break at the interval of sightseeing and shopping.


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