[Tsukiji] Conger eel dinner at Yoshino Kichiya (つきじ芳野 吉弥)

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Recently new restaurants and cafes opened at Tsukiji one after another. Yoshino Kichiya (つきじ芳野吉弥) is one of the restaurant. They are conger eels specialty restaurant and managed by wholesalers of conger eels. Kichiya stand in front of the entrance of Tsukiji Market. My friend is already a regular customer, and he took us to there. We left everything to him. He ordered a special course.

Appetizer was tuna salad. Of course, here was Tsukiji. The tuna was not canned. Asparagus and daikon radish was dressed with tuna’s fat. So tasty.

Tuna salad (ツナサラダ)

And assorted sashimi. My drink was oolong tea.

Assorted sashimi (刺身盛り合わせ)

From left, sardines and bonito.

Sardine and bonito

Light is grunt, left is flatfish. And flathead is this side.

Grunt, flatfish, flathead

Assorted tempura. Conger eel, sea bream, eggplant, flatfish, mantis shrimps, and so on. Awesome. Those were crispy. Especially conger eel and mantis shrimps were excellent !
I liked those tempura in all dishes that I had then.

Assorted tempura (天ぷら盛り合わせ)

And then I had plum wine. Sweet 🙂

Plum wine (梅酒)

Cold chawanmushi

Cold chawanmushi (冷製茶碗蒸し)

Yes ! It had much conger eels !

Conger eel and eggplant rolls. By the way, conger eel is named “Anago” in Japanese. And we call this skewer “Anago no guruguru”. Guruguru means roll. I think it’s cute name. It was served with shichimi pepper and sansho pepper. Both went with it well.

Conger eels and eggplant rolls (穴子と茄子のぐるぐる巻き)

Also salad had conger eels !

Salad (サラダ)

Last, we could choice one meal from some meal menus. I wanted to eat conger eel tempura again, so I chose this Aiten bakashi. Baked conger eel and conger eel tempura on the rice.

Aiten bakashi (会天ばかし)

Do you see a sand-grass and closed box in front of me ? He was waiting for one minute. His conger eel was steamed sufficiency in the closed box. Here, his conger eels looked so soft.

Bakazuki (ばか月)

We ate meal with miso soup.

Miso soup with bony parts of fishes (あら汁)

Dessert. We could select one from chocolate ice cream and yuzu sorbet. I chose chocolate ice cream. Their conger eel is awesome all the same. They are open at lunchtime, so I will go there at lunchtime during work 🙂

Chocolate ice cream


Name Yoshino Kichiya(つきじ芳野 吉弥)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available
Credit card Available

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