Yosuko ramen so-honten (揚子江ラーメン総本店) in Umeda

Adding fried onions, Yousuko ramen so-honten (Umeda) OSAKA
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Mild salted soup loved for many years.

When I decided to visit Osaka, I wanted to visit some restaurants where my acquaintance like and post about them on his blog.

もちろんスープは全部飲む(大阪市北区角田町 揚子江ラーメン総本店 No.3)
※2020/04/28閉店2016/05/01(SUN)少し早めに移動したので新幹線の発車時刻までもう少し時間が・・・。ということで大阪・梅田の「揚子江ラーメン 総本店」におじゃましました。ちょうど12時を少し過ぎた頃だったので満席でしたが、少し待つだけで無事に店内へ!...

Yosuko ramen So-honten is one of those restaurants. It is located in front of huge  Umeda station. It looks like fancy restaurant, but actually, their foods are very inexpensive and there’s no need to reserve in advance.
So, go downstairs with an easy mind 😉

Stairs, Yousuko ramen so-honten (Umeda)

It is on the underground of the building in front of the station.

Samples, Yousuko ramen so-honten (Umeda)

Yosuko ramen started their business in 1964. “Yosuko” means Yangtze River (揚子江) in Japanese.

Menus, Yousuko ramen so-honten (Umeda)

Their ramen is so simple.  Can you imagine the taste of this transparent soup ? It’s simple salted soup. It’s not salty at all. This mild and transparent soup is very loved by men and women of all ages. They serve this soup only. It is the basic ramen (ラーメン, 610 yen) having three slices of roast pork, mizuna (potherb mustard) and bean sprouts.

Ramen, Yousuko ramen so-honten (Umeda)

There are boxes of fried onions on each tables. So, I put some on it on the way.  The onions add refreshing tastes.

Adding fried onions, Yousuko ramen so-honten (Umeda)

I could drink it up without feeling bad because it wasn’t salty like another ramen 🙂
People visit one after another. But as soon as they finish eating, they get out of the restaurant. So, we don’t have to wait so long even if seats are occupied.

About Yosuko ramen So-honten (揚子江ラーメン総本店)

Address / Fukiya bldg B1F, 1-20 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Station / Umeda station (JR, Hankyu, Hanshin),
Open / 10:30 – 23:00
Closed / 2nd and 4th Thursdays



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