Takamatsu 2015 : Udonbo Honten

Sanuki no yume, Udonbo, Kawaramachi (Takamatsu 2015) KAGAWA (Takamatsu etc)
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After we got out of Onmai, we took a rest and chatted at the bench in Kawaramachi station. After a while, we felt that we could eat some more, so we went to another udon shop.

Udonbo honten

Appearance, Udonbo, Kawaramachi (Takamatsu 2015)


This is the head shop of Udonbo and there are some branches around Kansai area. It was already past lunchtime, so almost all seats were vacant.
My friend’s acquaintance recommended us to go there and he wanted to go there by all means even if he’s full 😛

This shop sell udon for souvenir 🙂
And they sell oden, too.

Interior, Udonbo, Kawaramachi (Takamatsu 2015)


Prices are rather inexpensive.

Menus, Udonbo, Kawaramachi (Takamatsu 2015)


Their udon is made from flour called “Sanuki no Yume (さぬきの夢, Dream of Sanuki) “. They also sell roll cake made from the flour 🙂

Sanuki no yume, Udonbo, Kawaramachi (Takamatsu 2015)

They have various udon menus, but we knew the most popular udon there is udon with octopus tempura (たこ天うどん, 680 yen).
So, we ordered it. Udon and simple and hot soup stock. And green onions, grated ginger and peel of sudachi.

Udon with octopus tempura, Udonbo, Kawaramachi (Takamatsu 2015)


Those tempura was so crisp. And the octopus (legs mainly) tasted good.

Octopus tempura, Udonbo, Kawaramachi (Takamatsu 2015)


And oden.

Oden, Udonbo, Kawaramachi (Takamatsu 2015)


Many of udon shops in Takamatsu are self-service shops. But this shop isn’t. They take our order and serve water.
Ordinary Japanese-style house have calm atmosphere and we could be relaxed.

Also so many udon shops in Takamatsu don’t their business at night, but this shop is open until 9 p.m.and it is very helpful shop for local people that they can eat udon at night after drinking alcoholic drinks 🙂

About Udonbo Honten (うどん棒 本店)

Address / 8-19 Kameicho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa
Station / Kawaramachi station (Kotohira dentetsu)
Open / 11:00 – 21:00
Close / no scheduled



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