[Hualien] Pearl barley at Tsai’s Douhua (蔡記豆花)

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I felt like eating douhua after walking around the night market, so I dropped in at Tsai’s Douhua (蔡記豆花) on my way to my hotel. Tsai’s Douhua is, as their name, they are douhua shop and their specialty is pearl barley (job’s tears) and grass jelly.

Where ?

They are located along Minguo road (民國路) from Zhonshan road. Because they are along such a large road, you can find them with easily. But they are far from the station.


This is order sheet. 卓號 is table No. So, at first I was seated and kept my table Number. After I wrote, I handed to the staff and paid at the cashier. Though it was cold season, they don’t serve hot sweets (熱飲). 豆花 is douhua, 薏仁 is pearl barley, and 仙草 is grass jelly. Almost all foods have those words.

They recommend those two desserts. 仙草奶凍(Grass jelly with shaved ice and milk, and 薏仁牛奶 (Pearl barley sweet soup with milk).

Douhua with pearl barley

But I wanted to eat douhua, so I ordered douhua. Douhua with pearl barley (薏仁豆花, 40TWD). The smaller bowl was filled with douhua, pearl barley and syrup. Simmered pearl barley had sticky texture. It’s like sweet congee covered with douhua.

I haven’t eaten such a douhua. It’s not smooth. Rough. It’s like unpressed tofu. Sticky and sweet syrup having pearl barley’s extract cling to the surface of the rough douhua. So, they united in my mouth. And I realized I’m eating healthy foods.

It had much pearl barley. More pearl barley than douhua. It had sticky texture and strong tastes of pearl barley. So, tastes of douhua got weak. So, if you want to enjoy the tastes of douhua, you’d better eat douhua with grass jelly and tapioca without pearl barley.

About the shop

Name in English / Tsai’s Douhua
Name in Taiwanese / 蔡記豆花
Address / No. 73, Minguo Rd, Hualien City, Hualien
Phone / +88638313533

Open / 1:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Closed / Tuesdays

Reservation / Unavailable
Credit card / Unavailable
URL / Facebook

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