(Moved) Tsukiji Market : Chicken soup and tamagokake gohan at Torito (鳥藤 築地場内店)

Meat in the soup, Toritoh Tsukiji market branch (Tsukiji market) Tokyo
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The chicken soup warmed my body 🙂

I had breakfast at Tsukiji this morning after a long absense.
Recently it was very cold, so I couldn’t get up early in the morning for Tsukiji.

I decided to eat deep fried Hoplobrotula armata (Higedara in Japanese) at Odayasu when I left home. But I found bad news on Twitter on my way to Tsukiji.
Actually, I got to Odayasu…

Oh my ! Temporarily closed ! Until February 1st !

Temporarily closed, Odayasu (Tsukiji market)


Lots of people waiting for Daiwazushi were in front of Odayasu !
YOU ! You’ll be scolded by proprietress of Odayasu ! X(

Daiwazushi line, Odayasu (Tsukiji market)


So, I decided to go to Yonehana, but unfortunately, also I heard unpleasant news about Yonehana that day.
Today’s chef’s choice is deep fried oysters and white stew.
White stew…. I don’t like it…
But I wanted to eat deep fried oysters. I thought I should ask them to have miso soup instead of white stew and got to there.
When I got to there, I felt chill. And more, There were four ladies waiting in front of the shop. They seemed in one group.

It’s too cold. I couldn’t stand. And also perhaps I had to have white stew…

While thinking whether I should wait or not, this shop came into my sight.


Appearance, Torito (Tsukiji Market)


Because of the chill weather, I felt like having this shop’s hot chicken soup.
The shop was nearly full because it was cold. But there were enough space to be seated.

Wooow !!!
Toritoh made new menus in English and Chinese !!! So, there were some foreign tourists !

Menus in English
Eh ? Toritoh ? Not Torito ? “-” is important ?

Menus in English1, Toritoh Tsukiji market branch (Tsukiji market)


Menus in English2, Toritoh Tsukiji market branch (Tsukiji market)

Menus in Chinese

Menus in Chinese 1, Toritoh Tsukiji market branch (Tsukiji market)


Menus in Chinese 2, Toritoh Tsukiji market branch (Tsukiji market)

I couldn’t decide what to eat soon.
Chicken soup and tamagokake gohan set

After a while, I ordered Chicken soup and tamagokake gohan set (鶏吸とたまごかけご飯, 700 yen). This was the first time to eat it.

Torito’s original soy sauce for chicken and egg !

Chicken soup and tamagokake gohan set, Toritoh Tsukiji market branch (Tsukiji market)


Raw egg for tamagokake gohan

Raw egg, Toritoh Tsukiji market branch (Tsukiji market)


I ordered boiled chicken tail with soy sauce (ぼんじり煮付け, 200 yen) with soy sauce together.

Boiled tail with soy sauce, Toritoh Tsukiji market branch (Tsukiji market)


This boiled pop’s nose helped me later.
Because… the quality of the meat in the soup wasn’t good. Strictly speaking, there’s no extracts. Well, it cost me only 700 yen.

Meat in the soup, Toritoh Tsukiji market branch (Tsukiji market)


Very inexpensive food compared with another foods in Torito.
Do you think where the extracts of those chickens meat ?

This soup.

Plenty of chickens extracts soup. Awesome. Warmy. Happy 🙂

The boiled pop’s nose was fatty and simmered well. Good tastes.

At first, I had some soup, and then beated the egg and put it on the rice. Also I put pop’s nose.
I ordered the boiled chicken tail for it 😛

Did tamagokake gohan first, Toritoh Tsukiji market branch (Tsukiji market)


But you should eat some rice with chicken soup at first and then do tamagokake gohan.
Because they serve much rice and only one egg.

After I enjoyed tamagokake gohan, I put some chicken soup into the rice bowl.

Put soup into the rice bowl, Toritoh Tsukiji market branch (Tsukiji market)


That’s awesome !

It is the best choice in the morning during cold season !

By the way, there’s the word “Kokoro nokori no Oyakodon” on the wall that I ate before. Though it have precious part of the chicken (Joing between hearts and livers) that can be got only a few amounts and it was tasty.

But recently they don’t have the meat in stock. (But somehow they don’t leave the paper on the wall. )
So some people entered the shop for eating it and they were disappointed.

About Toritoh Tsukiji Market branch(鳥藤 築地場内店)

Address / Tsukiji Market Bldg No.8, 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukijisijo station (Toei subway)
Open / 6:00 – 14:00
Closed / Market’s holidays



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