Saturday’s tsukiji 1/2 : Tempura Kurokawa (天ぷら 黒川)

Moon - conger eel and taro tempura, Kurokawa (Tsukiji) Tokyo
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Gorgeous tempura along the back alley in Tsukiji.

Tempura Kurokawa is one of my longing restaurant in Tsukiji. It stands back alley of Tsukiji Outer Market.
I’m sure that people who come to Tsukiji for the first time can’t find the restaurant.
I also found the restaurant a few years ago by chance. “Ah, Kurokawa that famous tempura restaurant in Tsukiji is here …. :)”

Appearance, Kurokawa (Tsukiji)


Well we entered the restaurant !

PIckled vegetables, Kurokawa (Tsukiji)


Kurokawa have four courses. From 2000 yen, but I wanted to eat prawn tempura, so I choiced “Moon (月)” course that cost 3000 yen.
Four kinds of salts on the table. Ordinary rock salt, maccha-flavored salt, Andean rock salt and curry-flavored salt.

Four Salts, Kurokawa (Tsukiji)


First, foots of prawns came. A, every dishes were for two helpings.

Moon - Hear of Prawn tempura, Kurokawa (Tsukiji)


It was crisp and tasty.

But I think it’s better to dish them up with those bodies 😛

Those bodies were here.

Moon - Prawn tempura, Kurokawa (Tsukiji)

海老。ちっちゃい(´・ω・`) でも甘みがあっておいしかったです。

At first, I hardly believed my eyes. Those prawns were so small. But those tasted good. Those coating was crisp and the prawns were very sweet naturally. It went with curry-flavored salt well 😀

Next bean curd sheet rolls tempura and lotus roots tempura.  The lotus roots had crunchy texture. With rock salts was good 🙂

Moon - Soymilk skin and rotus root, Kurokawa (Tsukiji)


Oyster tempura, and burdock and carrot rolls tempura

Moon - Oyster, burdock and carrot roll tempura, Kurokawa (Tsukiji)

予想外の牡蠣(`・ω・´) あんまり大きくないけど、みるきーな味は濃かったです。

Those oysters were not big. But its  awesome 🙂

Yum and ginger roll with bean curd sheet.

Moon - Taro and ginger roll with soymilk skin, Kurokawa (Tsukiji)


It had a pleasant contrast between sticky texture of the yum, smooth feeling of the bean curd sheet and the crispy coating.

Conger eel tempura and taro tempura.

Moon - conger eel and taro tempura, Kurokawa (Tsukiji)

地味にこの里芋天が一番好きだった(;´Д`) 穴子もふっくら。

I liled this taro best in all dishes that I had that day 😀
I love taro, and this was the first time to eat taro’s tempura.

Last, Kakiage (Mixed tempura) bowl came.

Moon - Kakiage bowl, Kurokawa (Tsukiji)


Such a lot ! The scallops were medium rare and so juicy, But,,, well, this course was too much for me 😛 I was already over full.
But …. I managed to eat up with much time.

Moon - Miso soup, Kurokawa (Tsukiji)


Miso soup had about four prawn’s heads.

Signboard, Kurokawa (Tsukiji)


Kurokawa opens from 9 a.m. and we went to there 9 sharp, but after a few minutes later there was few vacant seats left because it is very small.

About Tempura Kurokawa (天ぷら黒川)

Address / 6-21-8 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukiji station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 9:00 – 14:00, 17:00 – 21:00
Closed / Sundays and another national holidays



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