[Taipei] Takumi Dumplings (巧之味手工水餃) have No.1 dumplings

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Speaking of dumplings in Taipei, Takumi Dumplings (巧之味手工水餃) is one of the best for me. Their green dumplings having scallops are awesome.

Takumi Dumplings

Where ?

They are located halfway between MRT Shandao Temple station (善導寺站) and Zhongxiao Xinsheng station (忠孝新生站).

I got off at Shandao Temple station. It takes about 10 minutes walk from Gate 5 of the station. If you go from this station, there’re some schools and there’re not many shops. If you go from Zhonxiao Xinsheng station, you meat busy streets.

Shandao Temple (善導寺) station is the closest

They are located an inconvenient place a bit. But there’re many visitors. Many of visitors are for “To go”. Once I enter the shop, they always ask me, “For here ?”, So I always answer “Yes, fore here”. “For here” is 内用 (neiyon) in Chinese. And then the staff give me order sheet and I’m seated and write down my order. And then I hand it to the staff nearby. If you want to get “To Go”, you can order at the counter outside.

Interior, How to order

There’re about 7 tables in the shop. It’s not large shop. We have to share tables while busy hour.

We need to share tables during busy hour

Order sheet. They have only three types of dumplings and two types of soup. “NO” is for table number. Mine was 9. Not 6.

Menu. That’s all.

They also have English and Japanese menu on each tables. They require us to order at least 5 pieces per 1 type of dumpling. “綜合各半” on the order sheet is half and half (招牌水餃 and 韭菜水餃).

They have English and Japanese menu.

Also they have a variety of small dishes at the back of the shop. You can get something that you want to eat as you like. 30 TWD each. Also there’s seasonings, chopsticks papers on the shelf.

We can get our seasonings for dumplings at the back of the room. Small dishes, too.

After I pick up it, the staff put sweet sauce on it. Pig’s ear. It had crunchy texture. Good. But the sweet sauce wasn’t my tastes. I didn’t need the sauce.

Pig’s ear

Yummy foods that I had

Signature dumplings

This is Signature dumplings (招牌水餃, 30 TWD for 5 pieces) having cabbage, Chinese yellow chives and pork. “招牌” means signature dish. I ate it with my special sauce 🙂

Signature dumplings

Its skin had springy and sticky texture. The skin is rather thick. Though I don’t like dumplings having thick skin. But I like it. I love its springy skin.

It had mild tastes. It was seasoned well, so I think it don’t need sauce. But making my original sauce is fun all the same 🙂

It have cabbage. Crisp.

Scallops dumplings

This is my best dumplings in Taipei. Scallops dumplings (干貝餃子 , 40 TWD for 5 pieces). Can you imagine about the tastes of this green skin ? This dense green is from seaweed. It’s completely deprived from natural ingredients.

Scallop dumplings. I recommend it best.

Because of its skin ? or from scallops inside it ? It tasted like sea a bit. Delicious. I recommend it.

Each dumpling have one small scallop

Pork and garlic chives dumplings

This is also good. Pork and garlic chives dumplings (韭菜水餃, 30 TWD for 5 pieces). I think its skin is the most thinnest in those three dumplings.

Chive dumplings

So much chives. Chive is perfect ingredients for dumplings.

Much chive.

Hot and sour soup

This is Hot and sour soup (酸辣湯, 30 TWD). It have much ingredients like vegetables and jew’s ear. It wasn’t very sour. But it had much black pepper. It also had duck blood jelly. Many of alone visitors ordered 5 pieces of dumplings and it.

Hot and sour soup

Fish ball and meatball soups

Fish ball and meatball soups (綜合丸子湯, 30 TWD) is a mild soup. Fish and meat balls were so soft. The flavor of celery was good.

Fish ball and meat ball soup

Grass jelly drink

I found some people got it and then went into the shop, so, I bought it, too. It’s summer-limited drinks. Grass jelly drink (仙草蜜, 25 TWD).

It’s 700 cc ! Large ! But grass jelly drink is not too sweet. So, I could drink it up easily. It’s like hojicha tea !

Grass jelly drink

There’re many pieces of grass jelly at the bottom of it. Those grass jelly was sweet. I also found some people who bought it only. I agree. It’s delicious and good when I’m thirsty.

Much diced grass jelly was at the bottom
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About the shop

Name in English / Takumi Dumplings
Name in Taiwanese / 巧之味手工水餃
Address / 台北市中正區濟南路二段6號
Phone / 02-2321-4693

Open / 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Closed / Sundays

Credit card / Unavailable
Reservation / Unavailable

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