Tsukemen / 日式蘸面


[Tokyo] Dashi tsukesoba at Hachi to Cho (麦処 八と丁) in Ichinoe

I visited Hachi to Cho (麦処 八と丁) that is a ramen shop located in Ichinoe area of Tokyo with my friend. We got to there a...

[Akihabara] Konbu-sui tsukemen at Hotate Biyori (ほたて日和)

Hotate Biyori (ほたて日和) is a second shop of Menya 33 in Jinbosho. They have started their business in 2022 and already th...

[Tokyo] Tsujita Kachidoki (めん徳二代目 つじ田)

Finally, a branch of Tsujita is open in Kachidoki area. Just in front of the exit of Kachidoki station ! Tsujita Kachid...

[Ginza] Tsukemen at Oborodzuki (銀座 朧月)

I had lunch at Oborodzuki (銀座 朧月) in Ginza the other day. They are so popular tsukemen shop. They stand at the center ...
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