soft serve


[Tokyo] Milk soft serve at Akita Furusatokan (秋田ふるさと館) in Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan

Now still it's suitable temperature to enjoy soft serve. I like soft serve better than ice cream because my stomach is ...

[Toyosu Market] Coffee break at Senriken (センリ軒)

Senriken (センリ軒) was an old cafe since 1914 having long-established atmosphere in former Tsukiji Market and many regular...

[Hakodate Airport] Soft serve at Onjiki Niwamoto (おんじき庭本)

Speaking of sweets in Hakodate, soft serve produced by Yamakawa farm in Onuma area is so popular. Soft serve made of fr...

[Ginza] Matcha and vanilla soft serve at BOUL’MICH Ginza (ブールミッシュ銀座本店)

Ginza have much shops that serve soft serve. Also the head shop of BOUL'MICH sell soft serve, too. Though BOUL'MICH ha...
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