soft serve


[Ginza] Soft serve at Nakahora Farm (なかほら牧場)

Soft serve made of fresh halal milk can be eaten this shop in Matsuya Ginza. Nakahora Farm is a real farm located Iwate prefecture and we can get their products made of the milk at the center of Ginza.

[Toyosu Market] Coffee break at Senriken (センリ軒)

Senriken (センリ軒) was an old cafe since 1914 having long-established atmosphere in former Tsukiji Market and many regular...

Closed – [Honolulu] ALOHA CONFECTIONERY in Alamoana Center

Speaking of cold sweets in Hawaii, everyone imagine shave ice at first. But I don't like the rough shave ice because it...

BOUL’MICH Ginza Honten (ブールミッシュ銀座本店) in Ginza

Ginza have much shops that serve soft serve. Also Head shop of BOUL'MICH (Ginza Honten) sell soft serve, too. ...
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