Shimousa-Nakayama / 下総中山


Shimousa Nakayama : Torisoba at Suzaku (鶏そば 朱雀)

New ramen shop in front of Shimousa Nakayama sta. I didn't know about this restaurant at all until my friend ask me to ...

Shimousa-Nakayama : Valuable sushi time

Hearty sushi set. We had lunch at sushi shop being popular sushi shop in Chiba. Kaisyo-zushi Though it was s...

(Closed) Hut (プチレストラン ヒュッテ) in Shimousa-Nakayama

Hut-like restaurant. I had lunch at a small restaurant that is named "Petite restaurant Hut" and look like cottage in ...

Shimousa-Nakayama : Yakitori at Toriharu

Yakitori is my delight food. It's good snacks and best friend of alcoholic drinks. There's a yakitori izakaya that h...
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