Sandwich / サンドイッチ / 三明治


Coffee Senmonten ACE (珈琲専門店エース) in Kanda

Showa period remains in Kanda. I rarely go to Kanda, but there's my delight cafe named Coffee senmonten ACE is one of t...

Ibuki Coffee-ten (伊吹珈琲店) in Kuromon Market

One of delight thing in Osaka is having breakfast at kissaten.There're many good kissaten (=Japanese cafe), and especia...

Ginza : Ham cutlet sandwich at Choshiya (チョウシ屋)

Long established croquette shop's sandwich I knew there is a croquette shop near Higashi-Ginza station that is very u...

Sausalito in Funabashi

Looks like Latins bar Funabashi have several old kissaten around the station. This is the one of those kissaten that I...

Hiyoko – Farewell breakfast(Tsukiji)

We went to old kissaten in Tsukiji that is ending their business the end of this month. Kissa Hiyoko I had just ...
TRIP (inside JAPAN)

Trip to Nara 2012 Autumn (1/9) – the 1st day , breakfast and kuzu-kiri

I went to Nara to view scarlet maple leaves last month. I took a plane by low-cost airline both ways. Though I thoug...
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