Ningyocho / 人形町


[Tokyo] Taiyaki representing Tokyo at Yanagiya (柳屋) in Ningyocho

I walked along Amazake Yokocho and found Yanagiya (柳屋) didn't have much people waiting. So, I followed the line. Speaki...

[Tokyo] Kakifurai at Sanyuu (三友) in Ningyocho

When I was exploring good deep fried oysters on the internet, I found Sanyuu (三友) that serve huge deep fried oysters li...

[Ningyocho] Okonomiyaki at Matsunami (松浪) with long history

Ningyocyo still have many long-established restaurants. Matsunami (松浪) is one of the restaurant. They are okonomiyaki a...

Ningyocho : Raw and grilled giblets at Hyottoko (やきとん ひょっとこ)

Our plan changed from seafood to giblets As a result of strategy meeting at Frutas, we went toward Ningyocho. And ...

[Tokyo] Awesome motsuyaki shop named Yakiton Hyottoko (やきとん ひょっとこ) in Ningyocho

You might know, eating beef meats as raw was prohibited by law quite a long time ago. But pork and chicken's meat was s...
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