Kiba / 木場


Kiba : Tandoori bar named “Kamal pool” (カマルプール)

My friend held a tandoori party at Kamal pool the other day :) We heard that Kamal pool was going to be appeared on po...

Kiba : Tasty eel bowl at lower price (蒲焼 うなよし)

Delicious eel restaurant a little far from the station. I ate much eels this summer, I think. Because, I dreamed eve...

La Porte Rouge (ラ・ポルトルージュ) in Kiba

Hearty French lunch attract ladies who eat much ! I heard that there's a French foods restaurant that serves hearty mea...

Kiba : Tandoor bar (カマルプール)

Tandoori foods with alcoholic drinks. My friend asked me to join dinner at Kamal Pool. It is tandoor bar. They serve ...
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