Kawarayu Onsen


Kusatsu & Kawarayu 2011 : Syokeikan

Notice : Kawarayu Onsen town (including Kawarayu onsen station) has been moved to higher ground because of construction ...
TRIP (inside JAPAN)

Sasayu (Kawarayu Onsen)

At Kawarayu Onsen, I went to Sasayu after Ohyu. Truthfully speaking, I intended to go to Sasayu before Ohyu. But when I...
GUNMA (Kusatsu, Kawarayu)

Kawarayu onsen : Ohyu

Notice : Ohyu has moved to new Kawarayu onsen area. The Map below points Ohyu's present location.(November 4th, 2015) ...
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