[Motoyawata] Lunch at Jingisukan Yukidaruma Motoyawata-beya (ジンギスカンゆきだるま 本八幡部屋)

We found Yukidaruma Motoyawata-beya (ゆきだるま 本八幡部屋) that is a Jingisukan restaurant in Motoyawata is open at lunchtime, s...

[Hakodate] Genghis Khan Meimeitei (ジンギスカン羊羊亭) at lunchtime

I was in Hokkaido. Of course seafood is awesome, but I wanted to eat jingisukan, too. So, I went to Genghis Khan Meimei...

[Motoyawata] Jingisukan at Yukidaruma (ジンギスカン ゆきだるま 本八幡部屋)

I like jingisukan, but I didn't know good restaurant serving jingisukan within my living area. But today, finally I fou...
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