Inage : Curry sets at Shiba

Curry lunch at a place of memories I got a massage at Inage the other day and after that I had lunch at Curry restau...

Inage and Makuhari-Hongo : First visit and eating out of 2015 :) (稲毛浅間神社, 曼山)

I did Hatsumode and first eat out of 2015 near my house. Today I went to Inage Sengen Jinja Shrine for hatsumode. H...

Inage : Curry dinner at Shiba (カレーレストランシバ)

This year's oyster curry with miso We went to eat Oyster curry with miso that can be eaten only during winter , this ye...

Inage : Limited miso flavored oysters curry at Shiba

Long-established curry restaurant in Chiba. My friend took me to a Indian cuisine restaurant that is named Curry res...
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