Hamburger steak


[Yotsuya] Kitchen Taka (キッチンたか)

Kitchen Taka (キッチンたか) is so popular restaurant in Yotsuy. Many foods of photos are hanging on the wall. Taka's specialt...

(Closed) Hut (プチレストラン ヒュッテ) in Shimousa-Nakayama

Hut-like restaurant. I had lunch at a small restaurant that is named "Petite restaurant Hut" and look like cottage in ...

Ginza : Birthday party at cozy room

Persil has reopened in Ginza ! Bistro Persil in Higashi-Ginza district closed their restaurant for moving to somewhere...

Higashi-Ginza : Lunchtime at Persil for the first time

Healthy and happy lunchtime. I visited Persil several times,but this was the first time to eat at lunchtime. Lunch ...
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