[Omotesando] Panini at Bread, Espresso & (パンとエスプレッソと)

I don't know how many years had it been since the last time I spent my time in cafe at Omotesando. Sometimes I have som...

My way of spending day off

I used to eat rice at every meal time without fail and didn't like eating breads. But recently, I often eat breads as l...

Cherry blossoms anpan (Ginza)

Most of bakery sells sakura anpan only cherry blossom season. But at Kimuraya sohonten, we can get sakura anpan all yea...
TRIP (inside JAPAN)

Trip to Nara 2012 Autumn (1/9) – the 1st day , breakfast and kuzu-kiri

I went to Nara to view scarlet maple leaves last month. I took a plane by low-cost airline both ways. Though I thoug...

Tsudanuma : Melon bread at Masseria cafe

Popular bakery and cafe in Tsudanuma It was very sunny yesterday, so I went for a walk around Tsudanuma station. I...
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