[Tsukiji] Lunch at Sushitomi (すし富)

Nigiri from Left, Sushitomi (Tsukiji) Tokyo
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High-populated sushi restaurants in Tsukiji have always a long line. There’s a sushi restaurant named Sushitomi (すし富) in Tsuiji. Because they are located at a distant from the center of Tsukiji, they always don’t have a long line. But they are managed by a wholesalers of tuna “Suzutomi (鈴富)” and they serve good tuna and so on.

Apperance, Sushitomi (Tsukiji)

They have only counter seats on the ground floor, but they have upstairs and there’re tables. I always go there around 11 a.m. on weekdays, and they have always many vacant seats.

Where ?

They are located at the back of Harumi street. There are some fishery company buildings.

Valuable lunch on weekdays

They have valuable lunch menu on weekdays only until 3 p.m. except national holidays. So, I always go there on weekdays during work.

Weekdays’ lunch menu
1 portion of sushi set (にぎり1人前 990 yen),
1.5 portion of sushi set (にぎり1.5人前 1430 yen)
Temaki roll set (手巻きセット 990 yen)
Sashimi bowl (海鮮丼 990 yen)
Tekka bowl (Tuna bowl / 鉄火丼 990 yen)
Marinated leftover tuna fresh bowl (鮪切り落としづけ丼 770 yen)
Miso soup included.

Regular menu. The most inexpensive sushi set is Ume (梅, 1980 yen). The most inexpensive sashimi bowl is wild tuna tekka bowl (天然本マグロ鉄火丼, 1650 yen). So, Weekdays’ lunch is so valuable. But they serve different tuna. Basically, they use Southern bluefin tuna for weekdays’ lunch and another they use Pacific bluefin tuna. Southern bluefin tuna is more inexpensive than Pacific bluefin tuna.

Marinated leftover tuna fresh bowl

This is the most inexpensive food at Sushitomi. Marinated leftover tuna fresh bowl (まぐろ切り落とし漬け丼, 770 yen). It have much Southern bluefin tuna. It’s fresh. valuable lunch. But the tuna was seasoned with sweet sauce. I think some people don’t like this sweet sauce.

Marinated tuna bowl, Sushitomi (Tsukiji)

1.5 portion of sushi set

Of course, their sushi is good. 1.5 portion of sushi set (にぎり1.5人前) have 10 pieces of sushi and sushi roll. I was glad that such a valuable set have salmon roe.

Nigiri zoom2, Sushitomi (Tsukiji)

Those sushi is rather small. So, I think it’s one portion. I think people who want to eat much won’t be satisfied with the amount. Sashimi bowl is better for them. Those seafood was fresh. Especially, tuna was good.

Nigiri, Sushitomi (Tsukiji)
Nigiri from Left, Sushitomi (Tsukiji)

Their lunch time is from 10:30 a.m., so it’s good for late breakfast.

About the restaurant

Name in English / Sushitomi
Name in Japanese / すし富
Address / 6-24-8 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone / +81335249255

Open / 10:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Closed / No scheduled

Credit card / Unavailable for weekdays’ lunch
Reservation / Unavailable for weekdays’ lunch
URL / Instagram


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