Summer Tree Sweet (夏樹甜品) in Taipei

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I love almond jelly. And when I visit Taipei, I can’t help visiting Summer Tree Sweet (夏樹甜品) close to Difua street. Their almond jelly and almond snow ice is awesome.

When I visit Taipei, I want to eat much mango. I don’t have enough space for another dessert. But I think it’s MUST sweet in Taipei.


It’s a little far from the center of Difua street. The closest station is MRT Daqiaotou (大橋頭) station.

I dropped in at this shop after I bought mullet roe at 永久號. It takes about 10 minutes walk. There’s outdoor seats. And inside, there’re two tables having four chairs each and counter seats. And there’s long counter seats at the back of the shop, too.

Natural and healthy sweets

They are so cute shop. Such a signboard, too.
They serve not only almond jelly but also red bean porridge and Job’s tears soup, but their specialty is almond jelly all the same. The shop managers started to business because they wanted to cook healthy dessert what they can give to their children without any anxiety. All ingredients are natural origin. And they don’t use any additives and preservatives.

Menu, how to order

Order counter is besides the refrigerator having toppings. They accept our order at there and after we pay, we wait for a few minutes at seats as we like.
This is the menu put at the refrigerator. “杏仁杏仁杏仁…” Yes. They are almond jelly specialty shop. They have almond soup, too.

Though they don’t have Japanese menu, it’s not difficult to order because basically many of it is almond. And toppings can be chosen by pointing what I want.
There’re many Japanese guests, so shop staffs speak with some Japanese words.
(I knew later, they have Japanese menu, and if I required, they showed it to me :p)

Almond jelly snow ice

I ordered Almond jelly snow ice (杏仁豆腐冰, 85 TWD). The menu says it have almond jelly snow ice + two toppings + almond jelly.

Two toppings can be chosen from refrigerator. What topped on the shaved ice is nuts.

This shaved ice looks snow powder.
This is not simple shaved snow ice. It have almond milk ! Almond milk snow ice !

I chose my topping almond konjac that was the shop’s high recommendation.

Taro balls. It had springy texture. It’s QQ ! QQ means springy texture in Taiwan !

Grass jelly. Topping can be added with each extra 10 TWD.

Almond jelly is hidden inside of shaved ice. This almond jelly is so soft. Strictly speaking its solid, but I felt it’s liquid. They have Almond snow shaved ice (杏仁雪花冰, 80 TWD / with 3 toppings) without almond jelly, too. But almond jelly is essential to it 🙂

Because sunlight is strong and the weather is hot in the daytime in Taiwan even in Winter. So, this mild and cold sweets is good cooler.

Almond-flavored tofu pudding looks yummy, too. This is one of the best shop that I should visit every time when I visit Taipei.

About Summer Tree Sweets (夏樹甜品)

Address / 台北市大同區迪化街一段240號
Phone / 02-2553-6580

Open / 10:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Open / No scheduled

Credit card / Unavailable
Reservation / Unavailable
Smoking / Not permitted


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