Tonkatsu Marugo (とんかつ丸五) in Akihabara

Tonkatsu Marugo located in Akihabara area have always long line in front of the shop. So, I always give up having meal at there. But I decided to wait such a long time. When I got to there 20 minutes before the opening time, there were already about 15 people waiting. Wow..Tonkatsu Marugo have long history. Their appearance and interior have the atomosphere of Showa period.

They have 1st floor and 2nd floor. My seat was on the 2nd floor this time.

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Where ?

It’s far from Akihabara station a bit. So, there’re not many people on the road. So, the line of Marugo is outstanding.


This is the menu. Only this. This side have entree and set. Unexpectedly they have pork ginger and sauted pork, too. And another, they have deep fried oysters in winter. They say they sell deep fried oysters until the end of Feb.

The other side. Rice, miso soup, pickles, appetizer, and drinks.

Awesome foods and drinks

Beer (small)

Of course, I know tonkatsu go with white rice very well, but I ordered small beer ( ビール小, 350 yen). Marugo have large and small beer. Large is a bottled beer. Small is in the glass. It’s not small. Enough for me.

Otoshi is included in alcoholic drinks. Shiitake mushroom and konbu seaweed had abundant extracts. Delicious. I want to order it if they have it on the menu.

Special fillet cutlet

I didn’t need rice that time, so I ordered Speciall fillet cutlet (特ヒレかつ, 2200 yen) and miso soup (赤だし, 250 yen). They cook tonkatsu at low temperature, so it takes much time to be complete. It had much vegetables.

The section of cutlet. Meat juice flew. It’s not fatty at all. But juicy. And soft. There’s salt, Worcester sauce, mustard and so on. Everything was good, but I love eating it with sauce best.

Also there’s vinegared Japanese scallion (rakkyo) and umeboshi on the table. It was good to eat at the intervals of tonkatsu 🙂
I agree people wait such a long time to eat their tonkatsu. Delicious. And drinking in the atmosphere of long-established Marugo is awesome !

About the restaurant

Name in English / Tonkatsu Marugo
Name in Japanese / とんかつ丸五
Address / 1-8-14 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone / 03-3255-6595

Open / 11:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturdays and Sundays / 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m., 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Credit card / Unavailable
Reservation / Unavailable

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