Panke (パンケ) in Keisei-Okubo

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No.2 ramen shop in my town.

I visited the ramen shop that is said to be the second-best ramen shop in Keisei-Okubo district after years absence.
Panke stand along the main street within three minutes walk from the station.
They are so popular as miso ramen. They serve Sapporo-style ramen.


すごく久しぶりに近所で2番目に人気のラーメンやさんに行きました。ちなみに1番はあそこです( ̄▽ ̄)

The shop is large for ramen shop. There are many counter seats and some tables having four chairs each. Nevertheless it was past 3 p.m., almost all counter seats were occupied.
I ordered half-size of gyoza (ハーフ餃子, 200 yen) and miso ramen (みそらーめん, 800 yen).



They serve half size of gyoza (three pieces). It was good for me because I can’t eat both full size of gyoza and ramen.
Plenty of ingredients in it. Of course, it was tasty !



And this is the miso ramen that have high reputation. As you see, this soup is light, but the taste and flavor of miso soup is excellent. Lots of sesami, corn, green onions ,soybean sprouts, roast pork and bamboo shoot on it.



the curly noodles went with the soup well.



I know there are not many ramen shops that serve good miso ramen around Tokyo. So, it’s precious shop !
They serve not only miso ramen, but also soy sauce and shio ramen. And, shio ramen is also popular !

Because there’re many schools and universities, Keisei-Okubo have many ramen shops. This is the second popular ramen shop among them.
No.1 ? Of course, branch of Ramen Jiro :p

About Panke Keisei-Okubo branch (パンケ 京成大久保店)

Address / 2-1-1 Okubo, Narashino-shi, chiba
Station / Keisei-Okubo station (Keisei Main Line)
Open / 11:30 – 23:30
Closed / Mondays (in case of national holiday, they are open)



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