Kamakura : So cute bars at PALETAS Kamakura head shop (PALETAS鎌倉本店)

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 Juicy fruits bars in the showcase.

PALETAS was one of the shop that I had wanted to visit for a long time.
There’re some branches mainly in Tokyo. But I didn’t have the opportunity to visit.

But fortunately, I had the opportunity to have PALETAS’s cute frozen fruits bar at Kamakura !
There’s the branch in Kamakura, too.

PALETAS Kamakura branch is located around the Western gate of Kamakura station. I knew later, this is the head shop of PALETAS !


PALETASに行ってみたいと思いつつ、なかなか機会がなかったんですが、ついに行くことができました!しかも鎌倉店!というか、実はここが本店だそう!( ゚Д゚)

As soon as we opened the door, all sort of fruits bars in the case welcomed us ! So cute !



I chose it. Okinawa mango and pinapple (沖縄マンゴーパイン, 580 yen).
Milk flavored ice cream having passion fruits and pineapple enclose mango and pineapple.



Milk flavor is one of my delight flavors of ice cream 🙂
There’re only counter seats and one tables. So, we had to wait to take the seats for a minutes. But the bars were frozen hard, so there’s no problem about our frozen bars.


My mother chose it. Citrus mix (シトラスミックス, 480 yen).
It have orange, pink grapefruits and lemon. It’s like sorbet.


Another, there are so many flavors. so, I have to visit there again to have another bars 🙂

I can’t go to Kamakura frequently, but there’re branches in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Osaka. Roppongi branch is good location for me.

About PALETAS Kamakura head shop (PALETAS鎌倉本店)

Address / 2F, 15-7 Onarich-machi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa
station / Kamakura station (JR)
Open / 10:00 – 18:00
Closed / no scheduled
Website / http://www.paletas.jp/ (partly English words)

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