Kanagawa eating tour (1/3) : Kakigori at Noan in Kugenuma Kaigan (埜庵)

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Kakigori all year around in port town.

I knew there is a so popular kakigori shop near Kugenuma-kaigan station.
But it is so far from my house. Over 2 hours by train !

I gave up going to there, but my friend who often visits the shop took me to there 😀

We met them at Kawasaki station then went to Kugenuma-kaigan station together.

Kugenuma Kaigan station


Finally!  Finally !


It looked like beachside clubhouse.

Appearance, Noan (Kugenuma- Kaigan)


It seems a private house.

Name, Noan (Kugenuma-kaigan)


It was still cold this day, but “氷” flag was rised proudly. Yes, it was not strange because of under the blue sky and smell of sea.

Kohori flag, Noan (Kugenuma-kaigan)



Menu, Noan (Kugenuma- Kaigan)


Everyone ordered this.

Double strawberry (Wいちご) 900 yen

W strawberry, Noan (Kugenuma-kaigan)


It was a little sour, but tasty. And with condense milk.
Why this kakigori is named “W” strawberry is … because …


Jerry inside the kakigori, Noan (Kugenuma-kaigan)


Strawberry jelly is hidden !

Strawberry syrup and strawberry jelly. So it is named “W” strawberry.

And my friend ordered another kakigori.
Caramel milk (キャラメルみるく) 800 yen

Caramel, Noan (Kugenuma-kaigan)


I tasted it.  It was not sweet. I do wanted to eat it, but I can’t eat any more !

Old kakigori machine. It was used in Showa Age.
It seemed that it can still work.

Old kakigori machine, Noan (Kugenuma-kaigan)


Handwriting !

Above the table, Noan (Kugenuma-kaigan)

About Noan (埜庵)

Address / 3-5-11 Kugenuma kaigan, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa
Station / Kugenuma-Kaigan station (Odakyu)
Open / 11:00 to 18:00
Close / Mondays, Tuesdays
Website / http://kohori-noan.com/(in Japanese only)


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