Shibamata : Nichiyoan is open on weekends only (日曜庵)

Suzumi soba, Nichiyouan (Shibamata) Tokyo
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Soba restaurant close to historic temple

Nowadays I really eat soba so frequently.
I feel I’m elderly man 😛

That day we went to Shibamata to eat soba.


It’s a private house 🙂

Appearance, Nichiyouan (Shibamata)


Speaking of Shibamata, it is very famous as “Tora-san” and Shibamata Taishakuten temple.

Shibamata have a soba restaurant that is open only from Friday to Sunday and another national holidays.
That name is Nichiyo-an
“Nichiyo” means Sundays in English. Well, it is also open Saturdays and another national holidays 😛

First, we ordered sobagaki (そばがき, 1250 yen).

Sobagaki set, Nichiyouan (Shibamata)


The sobagaki was brought to our table with wasabi and perilla oil.

Sobagaki, Nichiyouan (Shibamata)


It’s texture was like freshly pounded rice cakes !
It’s very springy and tasty ! The flavor of soba was great !

And we ate it with perilla oil and also it was good. Delicate flavor of perilla spread in my mouth.

After a while my soba came.
My soba was Suzumi soba (涼みそば, 1430 yen).

Suzumi soba set, Nichiyouan (Shibamata)


With Japanese ginger, green onions and plum.

Suzumi soba, Nichiyouan (Shibamata)


“Suzumi” means cool or cold in English. As its name, it is only Summer season. I think it won’t be served next month.
Very narrow soba. The soup have Laminaria ochotensis and green tea from Shizuoka prefecture. Delicate and light taste.
I say honestly. I don’t like the soup.

Elder lady next to us enjoyed it.
I think I’ll be able to realize its quality after I’ll get older.


Sobayu, Nichiyouan (Shibamata)


Usually we mix sobayu and leftover strong soup and drink it,but my soup was weak. So my friend gave me his soup 🙂
This sobayu was very strong and tasty 😀

About Nichiyouan (日曜庵)

Address / 7-13-2 Shibamata, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Station / Shibamata station (Keisei Kanamachi Line)
Open / 11:30 – 18:00
Closed / Mondays through Thursdays



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