Takadanobaba : Chatonbriand fillet tonkatsu at Narikura (とんかつ成蔵)

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Narikura’s special day.

Narikura that is a popular tonkatsu restaurant located in Takadanobaba area accept reservation one night only the other day, so we took the reservation on the phone and went to there.



They prepare special menu for that day only. It was more expensive than usual.

But all sets have an appetizer.
From left to right, boiled hijiki with soy sauce, potato salad and mozuku seaweed.



I ordered Three pieces of Chatonbriand tonkatsu set (シャ豚ブリアンかつ定食 3個, 4200 yen).
* Chatonbriand is parody of Chateaubriand (steak).
There’s salt and Worcester sauce on the table. And also three seasonings were served with the tonaktsu.
Sweet chili sauce, wasabi-duke (pickled wasabi) and ponzu with grated daikon radish.



Section of the Chatonbriand.
That I ate last time was more fatty than it. But its coating was so crisp and tasty.

You think its coating is white nevertheless it is tonkatsu.
Yes. It’s the feature of Narikura’s tonkatsu. They take much time to fry tonkatsu deeply at low temperature. So, its coating keep its weak color.

Though we could many ways of eating it with many seasonings, I liked eating it with salt after all as usual:)



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My friend’s Sirloin tonkatsu (特ロースかつ, 4200 yen) was good, too.
Its pork was Hirata Farm premium Sangenton pork.



Dessert was included in the set.



Narikura don’t take the reservation through day and night. It was a special attempt for them.

About Narikura (成蔵)

Ozawa Bldg B1F, 1-32-11 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Station / Takadanobaba station (JR, Tokyo metro, Seibu Shinjuku Line)
Open / 11:00 – 14:00, 17:30 – 21:00
Closed / Thursdays, Sundays
Twitter / @narikura_1010

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