Marunouchi : The branch of Okonomiyaki Kiji (きじ 丸の内店)

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The place could be eaten delicious okonomiyaki in Tokyo even if you are bad cook of okonomiyaki

We went to Tokyo station. I rarely go there except taking Shinkansen.
When in the world will they finish construction aruond Tokyo station ? I think it’s been over 15 years ! I wonder if I could see completed Tokyo station area until we’ll die…

View from tall building (Marunouchi)

まだまだ続くよ東京駅周辺工事(´Д` ) というわけでめったにいかない東京駅へ!

Our target was okonomiyaki !
Kiji Marunouchi branch is in the building within Marunouchi area, close to Tokyo station.
This is a branch of Kiji (popular okonomiyaki restaurant in Osaka) in Tokyo.
Kiji’s branch is only in Shinagawa and this Marunouchi. And also we can enjoy Kiji’s tastes at “Santekan” in Roppongi

Appearance, Kiji Marunouchi branch (Marunouchi)


Cool stripe-pattern table 🙂
And long hot plates over there.
I rarely go to okonomiyaki restaurant in Tokyo. The reason is only one.
Most of okonomiyaki restaurants in Tokyo don’t cook okonomiyaki. They just put ingredients on our table and we have to cook on our own.

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Osaka’s restaurants don’t. They cook and serve okonomiyaki.
I can’t cook okonomiyaki well, so whatever high reputation restaurants I may go, I have to eat bad tastes and looking okonomiyaki 🙁
But this Kiji cook good okonomiyaki in front of us and serve it to us. We only have to wait for a while 🙂

Counter table, Kiji Marunouchi branch (Marunouchi)


After finished ordering Okonomiyaki, Sujipon (すじぽん, 570 yen) was served quickly. So we ate it while waiting okonomiyaki.
Sujipon is simmered tendon beef seasoned with ponzu.
The simmered beef was so soft and tasty. I love fatty part 🙂

Sujipon, Kiji Marunouchi branch (Marunouchi)


After ten minutes or so, our okonomiyaki was served.
We ordered Sujiyaki (スジ焼き, 1200 yen) and pork and cheese (豚チーズ, 1060 yen). Those are Kiji’s No.1 and No.2 !
Because we were two and ordered two okonomiyaki, the chef cut those two okonomiyaki into half size in advance and served them to us like this.Beautiful ! Okonomiyaki should be cooked by chef all the same !

Okonomiyaki, Kiji Marunouchi branch (Marunouchi)


Each of okonomiyaki was perfectly cooked !
Cheeses were melting and the dough was soft ! The bacons had crunchy texture.

If you have no experience about cooking okonomiyaki and try okonomiyaki in Tokyo, you should go Kiji without hesitation.
Certainly cooking okonomiyaki is fun.But most of okonomiyaki restaurants in Tokyo are not inexpensive and prepare good ingredients.

Umm. Though I was satisfied with their okonomiyaki, I want to eat okonomiyaki at Osaka all the same 🙂

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About Okonomiyaki Kiji Marunouchi branch (お好み焼き きじ 丸の内店)

Address / TOKIA building B1F, 2-7-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tokyo station (JR)
Open / 11:00 – 15:30, 17:00 – 23:00
Closed / no scheduled

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