Taipei : Apple mango shaved ice at 綠豆蒜啥咪

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Delicious mountain of mango !

I had early summer vacation in Taipei until last week !
You know I hate muggy summer in Japan. And Taipei is more muggy except winter.

I never thought that such a day would come.
I decided to visit Taipei in muggy June !

Why I decided to visit Taipei in June ?

The reason is this.
Mango shaved ice !

Fresh mango shaved ice, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)

Mango can be eaten from May to early October only in Taipei.
I often visit Taipei in Autumn. There’s no mango !

I wanted to have mango in Taipei !

So… I thought I can stand muggy weather until June….
There was rainfall throughout my summer vacation…But thanks for the weather, the temperature wasn’t high. I heard that Taipei was over 35 degrees centigrade just before my trip.
Actually, the temperature was around 25 degrees centigrade during my trip.

“綠豆蒜啥咪” is very popular among Japanese tourists and I had wanted to visit for a long time.
I don’t know their English name…
“緑豆蒜啥咪” is 10 minutes walk from MRT Songjiang Nanjing (松江南京) station.
Cute bean welcomed me.

Appearance, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)

Signboard, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)

They don’t speak both Japanese and English, but there’s menus having photos and  Japanese words. So, there was no problem about order. But I remember there’s no English menus. Photo”G” is mango shaved ice.

Menu, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)

Of course, I ordered mango shaved ice (愛文芒果冰, 200 TWD) !
So much mango cubes on the shaved ice !!! 😀 Those mangoes were, needless to say, so sweet and delicious ! I ate it up and my stomach became full with the mango !

Fresh mango shaved ice, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)

Black syrup in it.

Black syrup, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)

They cut mango after taking my order.
Abundant smell of mango made me so happy.

They use fresh Taiwanese Apple Mango from Pingtung(屏東県) only.

Apple mango, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)

The shop is cute. I think large number of people visit there in mid-summer 🙂
They serve mango from May to September.

In front of my seat, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)

Interior, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)

About 綠豆蒜啥咪

Address / 台北市中山區伊通街106巷6-1號
Station / Songjians Nanjing station (MTR)
Open / 12:00 – 20:30
Saturdays / 13:00 – 19:30
Closed / Last Sunday of each month (Summer), Every Sundays (another season)
Website / Chinese only)

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