[Taipei] Mango shaved ice at Green Bean Suanshami (緑豆蒜啥咪)

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I have a reason of my visiting Taipei in summer. The reason is this. Mango shaved ice.
Mango can be eaten from May to early October only in Taipei. Though I want to visit Taipei Autumn to Winter, they don’t have mango. So, recently I visit there in May – June.

Fresh mango shaved ice, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)

Green Bean Suanshami (緑豆蒜啥咪) is very popular among Japanese tourists.

Appearance, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)

Where ?

It takes 10 minutes walk from MRT Songjiang Nanjing (松江南京) station. Cute bean welcomed me at the door.


They are so cute shop. There’s counter seats and some tables. It don’t have much seats. ecause it was chill a bit, there wasn’t many people when I visited. But I think large number of people visit there in mid-summer. We have to share tables when there’re many people visiting.

In front of my seat, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)
Interior, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)


They don’t speak both Japanese and English, but there’s menus having photos and Japanese words. So, there was no problem about order. But I remember there’s no English menus.
They serve mango from May to September only

Menu, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)

Mango shaved ice

I ordered mango shaved ice (愛文芒果冰, 200 TWD). So much mango cubes on the shaved ice. They cut mango after order, so it’s so fresh and juicy. Those mangoes were so sweet and delicious ! I ate it up and my stomach became full with the mango ! Abundant smell of mango made me so happy.

Fresh mango shaved ice, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)

Black syrup in it.

Black syrup, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)

They use fresh Taiwanese Apple Mango from Pingtung(屏東県) only. I heard it’s precious mango.

Apple mango, 綠豆蒜啥咪 (Songjiand Nanjing)
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About the shop

Name in English / Green Bean Suansham
Name in Japanese / 綠豆蒜啥咪
Address / No. 6-1號, Lane 106, Yitong St, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan
Phone  / 02-2502-6885

Open / 12 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Saturdays / 1 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Closed / Last Sunday of each month (Summer), Every Sundays (another season)

Reservation / Unavailable
Credit card / Unavailable
English menu / No
URL / Facebook, Website


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