Seiro (Nishi-Ojima)

Sobagaki, Ginnan (Nishi-Ojima) Chiba
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I told befoe, I ate soba that didn’t have my taste.

But the soba restaurant served my delight soba.

That restaurant is named “Ginnan”
Ginnan means ginkgo 🙂
Entrance, Ginnan (Nishi-Ojima)

About more 10 minutes walk from Nishi-Ojima station. The restaurant stands on a calm street. I never thought there is such a cool restaurant along the street !
Appearance, Ginnan (Nishi-Ojima)

Nevertheless it was just after opening, many of the seats was already being seated.

Because I went to there with my friend, we could not eat only soba but two another dishes.

Tamagoyaki (玉子焼き, 893 yen)
Tamagoyaki, Ginnan (Nishi-Ojima)
It had much taste and so sweet.
Basically I hate sweet foods, but I like sweet tamagoyaki. It is more sweets than foods 🙂 But it was much for two of us 😛

Sobagaki (そばがき, 1050 yen).
Sobagaki, Ginnan (Nishi-Ojima)
Why I went to soba with my friend is to eat sobagaki !
That sobagaki was yummy !!! It was sticky 🙂 The white-colored soup is sobayu (brogh of boiled soba).
Those small things on the sobagaki is buckwheat seeds.


Seiro (せいろ, 787 yen)
Seiro, Ginnan (Nishi-Ojima)

Soba, Ginnan (Nishi-Ojima)
I like my noodles warm, but the best dish to feel the taste of soba clearly is seiro all the same.
Soba dipped into soup, Ginnan (Nishi-Ojima)
“Seiro(せいろ)” is the dish that is eaten soba with soup, wasabi and green onions only.

My friend’s oyster-seiro (かきせいろ, 1417 yen)
Oyster seiro, Ginnan (Nishi-Ojima)
It was a little strong taste for me. Though the flavor of oysters were thick, too 🙂
Oyster in soup, Ginnan (Nishi-Ojima)

Sobayu (broth of boiled soba) after our meal
Sobayu, Ginnan (Nishi-Ojima)

After eating at Ginnan, we got off at Motoyawata station, and had ice cream at Kai-Gelato .

Appearance, Kai-Gelato (Motoyawata)

My gelato was Chocolate and water melon 🙂
Two-choice (ダブル, 260 yen)
Onitaka-1chome1banchi-no-chocolate and watermelon, Kai-Gelato (Motoyawata)
Though I felt chill a bit, it was tasty.

Ginnan (銀杏)
2-15-3 O-jima, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 11:30 to 14:30, from 18:00 to 22:00
Holiday – Mondays, 4th Tuesday
HP –
(In Japanese only)

Kai Gelato (魁ジェラート)
5-1-26 Yawata, Ichikawa-shi, Tokyo
Open – from 10:00 to 19:00
Holiday – Tuesdays
HP –
(In Japanese only)


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