North-Italian cuisine (Ginza)

Cherry salmon, Faro CITY GUIDE
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There is a North-Italian cuisine restaurant in the SHISEIDO building, Ginza.

I had a plan to have time at the restaurant with my mother at my mother’s birthday.
I went to look over beforehand for that.
The restaurant’s name is “Faro”, and on the top floor of the building.
It is, what is called a fancy restaurant.
We took 3800 yen course for lunch.
We could choice appetizer, spaghetti and main dish from the menus.

Such a nice dish welcomed us. Camellia. It is a symbol of SHISEIDO :)The dish is not for eating :p

Dish, Faro
The dish is removed from the table as soon as our drinks came.

We toasted with Spumante and blood orange juice before the dishes 🙂
Shampagne, Faro

*Roasted calf with bamboo shoot sauce and tonnato (tuna sauce), being served cold.
仔牛のロースト 冷製仕立て 筍のソースとトンナート
Calf, Faro
*Marinated bonito and endive with shuto dressing (Shuto means salted bonito guts).
鰹とアンディーブのマリネ 酒盗のドレッシング
Bonito, Faro
I like it best in all the dishes I ate that day except spaghetti.

*Bavettine with sakura shrimp and roquette.
Spaghetti (Sakura shrimp), Faro
*Tagliattele with firefly squid and dried mullet roe.
Spaghetti (Firefly squid), Faro
The taste of firefly squid guts and dried mullet made the tagliattele more taste. Tha tagliattele itself was goooood !

Main dish
*Cherry salmon confit with trapanese sauce, caper and paprika.
桜鱒のコンフィ トラパネーゼソース ケッパーとパプリカ添え
Cherry salmon, Faro
*Loin of Matsusaka pork mustard flavored mushroom cream sauce.
松阪豚ロース肉のマスタード風味 マッシュルームのクリームソース
Pork, Faro
Dessert, Faro
You can take 7 or 8 kinds of dessert as much as you want 🙂 I wanted to eat all kinds of dessert, but I had full. So, I took only this.

All dishes were not only good looking but so tasty.

By the way, my mother turned down going to the restaurant just before going there.
Because Ginza is very far from our house for her, and it is crowded.Nevertheless she said she want to go at first !
After all, we had dinner at another restaurant near our house 😛
But I like the restaurant, so I want to go there again soon 🙂


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