Asakusabashi : Various meat at Dining bar Gracia (食堂酒場 グラシア)

Section of A5 grade of Miyazaki black beef fillet steak steak , Gracia (Asakusabashi) Tokyo
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Beef, pork, chicken … meat party can be held at cozy dining bar !

I know there’s popular restaurant in Asakusabashi that is posted by my acquaintance on Facebook so requently and I had wanted to go there for a long time.
Fortunately another friend asked me to go there with her the other day. So we went to there.

We didn’t take a reservation and got to the restaurant at 4 p.m. sharp.
Dining Bar Gracia

Apperance, Gracia (Asakusabashi)


The chef said he arrange our meals within our budget and taste, though the menu don’t have words “chef’s choice”, “course” and “set”.
I put prices besides those name, but the chef arrange those sizes for four people and some of foods were not on the menu. So, it’s just for reference.
It cost me near 6000 yen in all.

The restaurant is small and have only a counter table and one table there.

At first, we toasted with drinks !
Sudachi sour (すだちサワー) 500 yen

Sudachi sour, Gracia (Asakusabashi)


And vegetables were served. Fresh vegetables. We heaved our breast in expectation.

Organic water cress and fruits tomatos salad (有機クレソンとフルーツトマトのサラダ,680 yen)

Organic water cress and fruits tomatos salad, Graci (Asakusabashi)


First meat dish came !
Wagyu Nikomi(和牛煮込み, 480 yen)

Stewed Wagyu beef, Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Though it looks so fatty, the top quality of Wagyu beef’s fat was light and sweet.

Marinated Jiyou Chickens white meat with miso (滋養鶏ささみの漬け, 780 yen) 

Marinated Jiyou chicken's white meat with miso, Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Marinated with miso. It had springy texture and was tasty 🙂
It’ll go with Japanese sake !

Cream cheese with dried bonito flakes (クリームチーズのかつおぶしのせ) 600 yen

Cream cheese with dried bonito flakes, Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Cream cheese and unexpectedly went with bonito flakes well.
Such a refreshing taste between meats enabled us eating much meats 🙂

Sous vide of Sendai beef marbled short rib (仙台牛の霜降りカルビの低温ロースト, 1680 yen)

Sous vide of Sendai beef marbled short rib, Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Pickled daikon radish with mustard(大根の芥子漬け, 480 yen)

Pickled daikon radish with mustard, Gracia (Asakusabashi)
It was tasty. A little spicy. I wanted to eat more.

Oysters and olive (牡蠣とオリーブ)

Oysters and olive , Gracia (Asakusabashi)


And the chef gave it to us in special. So, we were four, but there were two oysters only.
Ladies (containing me) could get it 🙂 I was lucky 😛

Marinated chuck flap with Haccho miso (ザブトンの八丁味噌漬け, 980 yen)

Marinated chuck flap with Haccho miso, Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Strong taste of Haccho miso made me feel like eating it with rice !

White lever paste. (チャンジャ)

Spicy Cod Innards, Gracia (Asakusabashi)


That’s my delight…..I need rice….

Pork steak (トンテキ, 980 yen) 

Pork steak, Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Gracia is so popular as this pork steak ! Yokkaichi pork steak ! Needless to say, this was great ! Thick pork, sweet sauce and cabbage ! There’s exquisite balance !

And I ordered second drink.

Le Sake Erotique NEUF a Levures sauvages 2014 – Obuse Winery (小布施ワイナリー Le Sake Erotique NEUF, ? yen)

Japanese sake from Obuse Winery, Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Japanese sake made by Obuse winery only once a year.

And that day’s entree appeared !
A5 grade of Miyazaki black beef fillet steak (宮崎牛黒毛和牛A5フィレステーキ 150g, 4980 yen)

A5 grade of Miyazaki black beef fillet steak steak , Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Medium rare !

Section of A5 grade of Miyazaki black beef fillet steak steak , Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Sauted Shinsyu shimeji, hiratake and maitake with garlic butter (信州しめじ、ひら茸、舞茸のガーリックバター, 880 yen)

Sauted Shinsyu shimeji, hiratake and maitake with garlic butter, Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Natural grown mushrooms. Every mushrooms were huge. Juicy and tasty.

After we ate those mushrooms up and saw leftover soup. We agreed that we need bread to soak in and ordered some pieces of breads.
After a while , bread was served and we were surprised it.
This is bread of great bakery in Asakusa. We know perikan’s bread can be bought unless we have reservation in advance or wait for a long long hours in line.


Bread from Perican for soaked into soup, Gracia (Asakusabashi)


The chef said  “this is the end of the course”.
So, we ordered ramen and curry.

Our acquaintance recommended us to eat ramen and curry if it is on the menus however full we might be.
So we ordered both 😛
Keema curry with Sendai beef (仙台牛のキーマカレー)

Keema curry with Sendai beef, Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Ramen with mussels (ムール貝のラーメン, 700 yen) 

Ramen with mussels, Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Mussels from Mie prefecture. Chicken-based ramen. I was so impressed by the ramen !
“I need second helping….”

Before ordering curry and ramen, we intended to those are last foods, but we could still eat something. So, we ordered another two.

Pork hanging tender (ポークハラミさがり, 880 yen)

Pork Hanging tender, Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Root of beef tongue with salt(タンもと塩, 880 yen)

Root of tongue with salt, Gracia (Asakusabashi)

これも(*´д`*) 脂が光ってます。

And one of my friend wanted to eat also dessert, so we ordered it.

Honey croissant with Shinsyu apple and vanilla ice cream(信州りんごとバニラアイスのハニークロワッサン, 780 yen)

Honey croissant with Shinsyu apple and vanilla ice cream, Gracia (Asakusabashi)


Dessert was good, too.

As a whole, everything was delicious and we decided to visit there again soon.

About Dining Bar Gracia (食堂酒場グラシア)

Address / 2-27-5 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Station / Asakusabashi station (JR, Toei subway)
Open / 16:00 – 23:00
Closed / Mondays, third Tuesdays
Twitter / @gracia_2011



  1. Kickass_Chica says:

    4pm is very early for dinner! Is that usual for Japan?

    • Ryoko says:

      No it is unusual. This shop is more restaurant than food bar. Maybe most of visitors around 4 p.m. eat some foods and enjoy alcoholic drinks.
      But we didn’t 😛 Our target was foods and ate much as dinner because it is small and very popular restaurant and we might not be able to enter the restaurant if we went to there later time.

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