“Chanoka (茶の菓)” of Kyoto

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My friend often bought me CHA no KA when she visited Kyoto. I was always glad when she got it to me, and I thought I should get it when I visit Kyoto.

Finally, I got it by myself. Chanoka have white chocolate board core sandwiched by crisp cookie made with green tea produced by Malebranche.
But I bought much curry senbei, so I got only a small bag having 5 pieces of CHA no KA. It cost me 680 yen (tax-included).

I know there’re many confectionery made with matcha and green tea, but white chocolate is not common ingredients with green tea and matcha, I think. I love white chocolate 🙂

Malebranche says this confectionery have and special matcha named “KOICHA (濃茶)”. Koicha means rich tea. CHA no KA have Koicha produced only for CHA no KA at Uji Shirakawa of Kyoto.

So, the cookie have no bitterness but so flavory. It go with sweet white chocolate well.
Coffee go with it, too.

I think I should get it and chili oil named “Maiko-han Hii Hii”

The expire date is two weeks later. It’s short to keep.
And the producer says we should keep it under 28 degrees C. And also they says we’d better eat them up within a day if we open the package.

Where to get ?

To my great regret, there’s not branch in Kanto (Tokyo), Tohoku and Hokkaido area. Only sometimes they hold special event. So, it’s not easy to get except Kansai area.
I think that is also the reason why CHA no KA keep its high reputation.

In Kyoto, you can get CHA no KA at many shops, for example, Kyoto Isetan, Kyoto Tower, inside JR Kyoto station. So, even if you forget to get it, you can get it before leaving Kyoto.


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