Kinshicho : Biryani day of Asia curry house (アジアカレーハウス)

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Only Fridays is biryani day

About one year have passed since a Banladeshi foods restaurant has opened in Kinshicho area.


I was so delighted because there was no Bangladeshi restaurant until then.(At least I don’t know)

Asia curry house

Appearance, Asia Curry House (Kinshicho)


There is no menus. On entering the restaurant, the staffs see guests (it’s a sign “be seated on some vacant seats”)
After a while they serve water(or iced tea) , and after a while foods are served.

They serve curry mainly. 1000 yen.

Kinshicho : Bangladeshi foods restaurant is open (アジアカレーハウス)
My first Bangladeshi curry. A new Bangladeshi curry shop has been open. Asia Curry House It's in an old building, but this is new curry shop. There are only five seats along the long tabl...

It is small restaurant and there are only 5 seats.
They are hard to understand Japanese language. Oh my ! I’m wondering how did they start this restaurant.
Maybe there must be another one who can speak Japanese and is manager.
And this restaurant seems to be open for Bangladeshi people who live in Japan.
They might be surprised so many Japanese visit their shop.

This appearance. And it stands on amusement center street. It is open from 8 p.m.
Nobody would enter this restaurant who don’t know about this restaurant.

But because of word-of-moutn on websites, this restaurant became so popular restaurant.

They serve curries mainly. But on Fridays they cook biryani and many people visit there to eat it.

1200 yen on Biryani days

I also wanted to eat it and tried going there the other day.
On arriving at the restaurant, we found it was packed and some people waiting.

After 15 minutes or so, one seat became available, but we were two, so still we waited, but the staff said we can enter the restaurant.
The staff led my friend to the kitchen (in front of me !)



I’m afraid it might be contrary to the Food Sanitation Act… 🙁

My friend said that it’s too narrow to eat comfortably.

Biryani Fridays only, Asia Curry House (Kinshicho)


Well, the biryani didn’t have much spices than expected. I wanted more spice…
But perhaps Bangladeshi foods don’t have much spices as Indian foods.
Curries that I ate at there before also didn’t have much spices.
So, people who don’t like spicy foods might like it 🙂

The chicken was tasty and I mixed biryani and chicken altogether. That’s good.

Chicken, Asia Curry House (Kinshicho)


Merchandise, Asia Curry House (Kinshicho)


I like this exotic atmosphere 🙂

About Asia curry house (アジアカレーハウス)

Address / 3-9-24 Koto-bashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Station / Gotanda sation (JR, Toei subway)
Open / 20:00 – 28:00
Closed / No scheduled

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