Arriving at Kusatu onsen towns

Onsen tamago soft cream, Honda Miyage-ten TRIP (inside JAPAN)
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I had reached at Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal, and I ate soba for lunch at old restaurant Okame – branch shop (おかめ支店) in the Bus Terminal.
(when I saw a menu ouside, the clerk touting intently)

*Maitake mushroom tempura soba (舞茸のてんぷらそば)  forgot its price, around 700 yen.
Maitake tempura soba, Okame

I don’t like the soup because it’s too sweet for me, but the name of its primary product deep fried maitake mushroom is very good. It was covered with a crisp coating.
Tantalizing aroma of maitake mushroom. Excellent.

Then, I went toward Yubatake for eating Onsen tamago soft ice cream 🙂

It sells at Honda Miyage-ten (本多みやげ店).
I had been wanting to eat the soft ice cream. Onsen eggs(onsen tamago) taste.
Onsen eggs :Egg slow-boiled so that the yolk is hard but the white is still soft (traditionally cooked in a hot spring)

Slightly yellow colored. Like a custard.
Onsen tamago soft cream, Honda Miyage-ten
*Onsen tamago soft ice cream (おんせんたまごソフト) 300 yen.

Eggs taste? What? I can’t find the tastes of “onsen eggs”.
Because soft iced cream is ordinary contain eggs. It is, too.
But it tastes good, seeing Yubatake. Feeling of simpleness 🙂 .

Kusatsu was crowded during the Golden Week (early may holiday).
Yubatake, Kusatsu Onsen

Well, I’m going to take a footbath.


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