Takahata-fudo : Indian dinner set at Anjuna

Spring vegetables and Spanish mackerel curry, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo) Tokyo
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Seasonal curry was Spring vegetables and Spanish Mackerel curry

I was impressed by the taste of Anjuna at the curry party, so I visited Anjuna again 😉

I had something to do at the further of Takahata-Fodo and I seldom have chance to go Takahata-Fodo. So I dropped in at the station :>

Appearance, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


I wen to there by myself, I ordered a half dinner set B(ハーフディナーB, 1400 yen).
The set had one curry and rice, salad, tandoori chicken and pickled vegetable.

Anything could be chosen from all curries.
It is rare system.
At most of curry restaurant, we have to choose from Lamb, mutton, keema, chicken, vegetables, (saag) only.

My drink was mango lassie (マンゴーラッシー, 600 yen).

Mango lassie, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


And rassam with shrimp (海老ラッサム, 400 yen).
It’s not too much to say that I visited there for this rassam !
The spicy tomato soup was awesome.I ate it up.Of course, the shrimp, too !

Rassam with shrimp, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


Curry set.
I chose Spring vegetables and Spanish mackerel curry that is served in Spring season only. My friend’s recommendation.

Curry set, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


The curry can be seen because of much vegetables, but this is curry.
Thick slices of Spanish mackerel were at the bottom. Not too spicy.

Spring vegetables and Spanish mackerel curry, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


They serve curry set at reasonable price, so it is good for my dinner.
I would have visited the restaurant so frequently if the restaurant is within my area of activity…around Jinbocho ? 🙂
(Though Jinbocho is curry battleground :P)

By the way, there’s Takahatafudoson temple close to Takahatafudo station and it is very popular sightseeing spot. Especially, now hydrangeas are going to be in full bloom.  Though it’ll be very crowded, so many blue-colored hydrangeas are extremely beautiful. So I recommend you visit there if you are in Tokyo sometime in Junes 🙂
Takahatafudoson temple

Anjuna (アンジュナ)

Address / Universal Bldg 1F, 3-7 Takahata, Hino-shi, Tokyo
Station / Takahatafudo station (Keio dentetsu, Tama Toshi Monorail)
Open / 11:30 – 14:30, 17:00 – 21:00
Closed / Mondays
Website / http://anjunacurry.blog.fc2.com/
Twitter / @anjuna18

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