Taipei 2016 Spring : Rice-flour noodles having oysters and pork giblet as breakfast (阿川蚵仔麺線)

flour-rice-noodles-with-oyster-and-pork-giblet-flour-rice-noodles-shop-difua-street-taipei-201605 TAIWAN

Mingled with local people and and had noodle.

The last morning of my staying in Taipei. I got up early and checked out from my hotel and left my baggage at the hotel.
And I went toward Ningxia night market (寧夏夜市) that I visited the previous night.

I had breakfast at this shop named “阿川蚵仔麺線”.
They cook in front of the shop and serve.
They are rice-flour noodles shop (Taiwanese narrow noodles named “麺線” like vermicelli) having oysters and pork giblets.
They are open until 5 p.m. So, I couldn’t visit there at the previous night.



I conveyed “I want to eat flour-rice noodles having oysters and pork giglets in the shop !”  with gesture. And the lady led me into the shop 🙂



My breakfast was served a few minutes later.
There’s grated ginger, spicy miso and spicy vinegar on each table.
Small bowl was filled with the narrow noodles, smaller size of oysters, pork giblet and coriander.
Flour-rice noodles having both oysters and pork giblets (総合麺線, $NT60)


This bonito-based soup was mild and it tasted like Japanese soup.



I put some grated ginger and spicy miso after a while.



I wanted to have second helping of it :p

After that I went toward Difua street (迪化街) for getting mullet roe and dried fruits.

I dropped in at two dessert shops on my way to Difua street.

Tofu pudding shop “古早味豆花”

Shaved ice shop “冰讃”

And fortunately I found my longing watermelon juice (西瓜汁) that I had wanted to try for a long time and it can be gotten at Family Mart only 🙂
It was delicious.



About 阿川蚵仔麺線

Address / 台北市大同區民生西路198之17號
Station / MRT Shuanglian station (雙連站)
Open / 7:30 – 17:00
Closed / Sundays



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