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[Ginza] Karai Rice at New Castle Curry (ニューキャッスル)


I had lunch at New Castle Curry (ニューキャッスル) in Ginza. They are long-established curry shop since 1946 and their Karai Rice is very popular. Their origin shop was along Corridor Street but closed because the shopkeeper retired his business. But after that, one of the regular customer revived the shop

This is the menu. That’s only. They serve Karai rice only. Price changes depend on amounts. Karai means spicy. They call their curry Karai rice.

And another they have toppings for curry. Extra curry (150 yen), extra egg (100 yen), cheese (100 yen). And another, they have coffee and alcoholic drinks. Their coffee have high reputation, too.

There’re counter seats ant tables. The red wall is cool, and it’s like bar. They say they are open at dinner time for one or two times in each months.

I ordered my Karai rice ‘less’ with cheese. Cute dish 🙂 The egg was half-cooked. And it have fukujinzuke (pickles suitable for curry) and chopped onion.

Less of Karai rice (カライライス 少なめ, 1000 yen) with cheese (チーズ, 100 yen)

This curry had rich tastes and had sweetness of onion. At first, I felt it’s mild, but spice attacked me after a while. Spicy and good. Cheese was baked just before served. So, it was flavorful.


Name New Castle Curry (ニューキャッスル)
Open Lunch (sometimes Dinner)
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