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[Tokyo] Ramen at Ikaruga (斑鳩) in Tokyo Sta.


I had something to do at Tokyo station, so I had lunch at Ikaruga (斑鳩) along Tokyo Ramen Street in Tokyo station. Because of pandemic, about half of seats were vacant even at lunchtime. I know almost all ramen shops have a long line there at lunchtime before. Ah, but just Rokurinsha (六厘舎) had a long line having 30 people waiting :p

They are located in Tokyo Ramen Street out of ticket gate of Tokyo station. If you get to there from out of Tokyo Station, There’s a downstairs near Gran Roof. This is the closest to Tokyo Ramen Street.

Their ramen soup is based on Fish and pork broth. They have normal ramen (らー麺), thick ramen (濃厚らー麺), extremely thick ramen(超濃厚らー麺). And niboshi ramen (煮干しらー麺), shio ramen (塩らー麺) and spicy ramen (旨辛らー麺). Though they didn’t serve that time, they have wide noodles, too. And tsukemen. They prepare fatty rice, too. For example roast pork and mayonnaise rice.

Ticket vending machine

This was the first time to eat their ramen, so I couldn’t decide soon. But I ordered their most popular ramen. Thick ramen with boiled egg. It had a large slice of roast pork. The egg was half boiled. The york wasn’t too rare. It’s easy to deal. And another, fried onion, fresh onion, laver, naruto.

Thick ramen (魚介とんこつ濃厚らー麺, 850 yen). With boiled egg (煮玉子入り, 100yen)

The menma (bamboo shoot) was too long :p

The soup was fatty and oily. The flavor of dried bonito was strong. And the soup kept its high temperature because of surface of fat. The noodles dressed with the thick soup was good.

Though it was delicious, it was greasy. So, I got bored with eating after eating 2/3 of the noodles. I should normal one :p By the way, this is thick one. What is extremely thick one ? I can’t imagine.


Name Ikaruga Tokyo station (斑鳩 東京駅)
Open Morning through night
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