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Hot to get an account of Japanese Hot Pepper Gourmet


I usually book restaurants if they accept reservation on the website, especially on Hot Pepper Gourmet. It’s really useful. We can have an account and book with free of charge. And they have another languages’ website, too. But it’s not good at all. Those are too simple and difficult to search restaurants. So, if you want to get an account of Hot Pepper Gourmet, I recommend you have Japanese account. I’ll show you how to get an account of Hot Pepper Gourmet in Japanese today.

And I’ll show you how to book restaurant in the near future.

The procedure of getting an account

Access to the website

Click this URL and open the website. This is the top page of searching restaurant of Tokyo.

Click the red button

This red button take you to the registration page.

Get authentication key

Put your mail address on the text box and click the button. If you have an account of Jalan (じゃらん), Hot Pepper Beauty or Ponpare mall, you can use the account.

And then, you’ll get authentication key by mail. They key is available within 30 minutes.

Put the authentication key on the textbox and click the button.

Fill out registration form

This is a registration form. Items having red mark is required one.
There are two difficult items. One is “カナ (kana)”. It’s furigana and you need to fill it with katakana. There’s a useful website named Japanese name converter.

And another thing, you need to fill phone number available in Japan.

Then, you can sign in.

Sign in

Access to the Top page again. Click the button above the red button.

Welcome !

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