Tsukishima / 月島


[Tokyo] Bacons and vegetables curry at Nenrin (年輪) in Tsukishima

I ate soup curry at Nenrin (年輪) in Tsukishima at lunchtime during work after a long absence. Nenrin is a izakaya having...

[Tsukishima] Spicy beef tendon stew at Izakaya Rojiura (居酒屋 路地裏)

Spicy beef tendon stew having long history ? This izakaya close to my office started to open at lunchtime before I k...

[Tokyo] Chicken soup curry at Nenrin (年輪) in Tsukishima

When I had lunch in Tsukishima area before, I found this restaurant on my way back to my office. Their name is Nenrin (...

Moved – [Tsukishima] Hamburger at Furusato (喫茶パーラー ふるさと)

Speaking of Tsukishima, Monjayaki is so popular and there are many monjayaki restaurant along Monja Street. But there's...
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