[Kyoto] Tsukemen at Wajo Ryomen SUGARI (和醸良麺すがり)

When I walked around Karasuma area, I felt like eating something. And I felt chill a bit, so I wanted to eat warm ramen...
FUKUSHIMA (Takayu etc)

After Tamagoyu, Fukushima

After arriving Fukushima station, we went to ramen shop and then we took a rest at a cafe. Both of shops are popular aro...

Why can’t I like tsukemen ? (Funabashi)

I like ramen so much, but I don't like tsukemen. Why ? I tried to think about the reasons. *The soups are not hot enou...

(Closed) Typhoon (豚つけそば&油そば たいふう) in Keisei-Okubo

Notice : "Butatsuke soba & abura soba typhoon" already quit their business. (Feb 23rd, 2015) Little before, ...
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