Toyosu Market / 豐洲市場


[Toyosu Market] What I ate at Odayasu (小田保) from 2020

Though now entering Toyosu Market is restricted to tourists because of covid-19 (The restriction is cancelled from 2021...

[Toyosu Market] Coffee break at Senriken (センリ軒)

Senriken (センリ軒) was an old cafe since 1914 having long-established atmosphere in former Tsukiji Market and many regular...

[Toyosu Market] Japanese sweets at Mosuke Dango (茂助だんご)

After I enjoyed breakfast at Tenfusa, I was full but I felt like eating something sweet foods. So, I walked around the ...

Tempura Aiyo (天ぷら 愛養) in Toyosu Market

Though Toyosu Market was launched in October 2018, Aiyo didn't open at that time.But finally, AIYO have started their ...

[Toyosu Market] Chef’s choice at Daiwasushi (大和寿司)

Speaking of sushi in Tsukiji former Market, Daiwasushi (大和寿司) was one of the most popular sushi shop as well as Sushida...
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